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Ham radio demonstrated at Make Munich – Southgate Amateur Radio Club

DARC reports amateur radio was demonstrated to the 10,000 Makers who attended the Make Munich event

A Google translation reads:

The 5th Make Munich as the largest self-makers festival in southern Germany is history – and the radio amateurs were back! With more than 10,000 visitors, a new visitor record was recorded in two halls. And many of them also came to the booth of the radio amateurs of the district of Upper Bavaria. Self-built radios based on software defined radio (SDR) from the Erding local authority (C25) aroused great interest.

These are absolutely the industry standard, are open source and self-developed. So a real Maker project, as it belongs to this event. There was a large participation both in the acquisition of the Morse diploma and in the practice fox hunt in the hall. Big and small participated.

Another highlight was the live demonstration of wireless contacts via the geo-stationary amateur radio transponder QO-100 released on the communication satellite Es’hail-2 in mid-February.

The portable station was set up in the HAM MOBIL in front of the hall, with which the listeners followed the radio conversations in several demonstrations.

From now on radio contacts from the Arctic to the Antarctic and from the east coast of South America to Indonesia can be made at any time of the day or night via this transponder.

To all helpers and contributors to this again very successful appearance of the radio amateurs in the public I thank especially at this point in the name of the district Oberbayern.

Text: Alfred Artner, DJØGM, Public Relations Officer District C


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