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BIG SIGNAL DX-Quad – 5 Bands!

Discover the BIG SIGNAL DX-Quad antenna , this new design of a single element Multi-Band Quad covers up to 5 bands in HF from 10 to 20 meters. An incredible high-performance bi-directional antenna option to get started on the DX in HF without the need for a complex installation or a large investment.

Why choose the DX-Quad antenna in front of a Yagi or Dipole antenna? 

·  5 bands of full wavelength, reaching the maximum efficiency in TX / RX. 
·  Very low noise as it is a closed antenna, which will allow it to improve the reception of weak DX signals masked by the QRM. 
·  Very low radiation angle even installed at low height, essential for working DX. 
·  Reduced turning radius, ideal for limited spaces. 
· Comparable performance with a Yagui of 2 full-size elements. 
· Bi-Directional, you only have to turn the rotor 180º. 
·  Super robust construction with high quality materials, with a light weight.

In times when unfortunately the noise in the cities is increasingly high, a closed antenna and horizontal polarization is the definitive solution to improve the reception of weak DX signals masked by the QRM.


· Bands: 10/12/15/17/20  m  
 · Elements:  1 active in each band. 
· Gain:  3.2 dBi (Free space)  
· Maximum power:  2,000 W. 
· Turning radius:  2,625 m. 
· Total height:  5.35 m. · Total width:  5.10 m  · Minimum height of mast needed:  6.00 m. · Weight:  8.5 Kg. · Wind resistance:   200 Km / h.

€ 365.09


· Boom / Mast Plate:  300 x 150 x 8 mm. 
·  Boom:  Round of 50 x 2 mm. 
·  Crosspieces: Angled  design of 30 x 5 mm and stabilizing element to the boom of 4 mm. 
·  Screws and fittings:  Stainless Steel W4. 
·  Fiberglass:  Specially molded and designed to measure half-round for a perfect adaptation to the surface of the crosspiece, reinforced fiber cloth and protective layer for the sun. 
· Cable: BIG SIGNAL Wire. Special copper cable with polyethylene sheath (PE) for excellent weather protection and mechanical resistance. 
·  Power:  Balun of high quality current.

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