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“Hams” to operate radios at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve – KFDI

If you are interested in being a ham radio operator, you will have an opportunity to see a couple in use this weekend at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

This Saturday, April 13, Amateur radio operators associated with the Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club, in Olathe, will be operating two radios from the park. They will be exchanging greetings with other operators around the country, to attract attention to the preserve. Communication will mainly be conducted with voice, but visitors may also see and hear Morse Code.

Ham radio operators are known for communicating from just about anywhere, without a dependency of a telephone system or internet. They are also known for communicating following a natural disaster when all other forms of communication are unavailable.

The event will run from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. If you would like more information about the event, you can visit

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