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High Altitude Balloon Carrying Amateur Radio – Burst!

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  1. AB1OC

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  2. NU4R

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    How do balloon-ite “experimenters” even reasonably assure one of your “experiments” doesn’t interfere with commercial aviation? Or, any other form of aviation but, my concern is that your “experiment” “interacts” inappropriately with an aircraft in the worst possible way!

    Are ya’ just hoping for the best or, maybe this simply isn’t a part of your “experiments” equation?

    Considering your QTH’s proximity to BOS and knowing the airways as I do, I at least hope you’re keeping your local F.A.A. District Office informed of your high altitude antics!

    Can you tell I’m not even remotely impressed OM?

  3. WR2E

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  4. KV6O

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    Ballooning, and High Altitude Ballooning is a hobby that has been around for years. Ballooning was, in fact, the beginning of aviation. There are FAA rules that must be followed, which includes notification.

    It’s not “antics” any more than ham radio is “antics”.

  5. W0PV

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    I was curious too, and found the answer on a slide on their High Altitude Balloon Project web page. – “Notify FAA per Federal Aviation Rules Part 101”


  6. N3FAA

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    The simple fact of the matter is…they don’t. But neither do the weather balloons / surveillance balloons launched by various official agencies. Neither do the people who let mylar party balloons go, etc.

    It truly is the big sky theory in full effect. But with the appropriate and required notification, at least aircraft can be given a general warning by ATC. And a lot of the bigger balloons expand to the size of a football field or larger at commercial aircraft altitudes, so they can definitely be seen and avoided.

    [EDIT] I should also note that some of the larger balloon projects (i.e. Google

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