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144 MHz: RASA writes to Australian regulator

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    144 MHz: RASA writes to Australian regulator

    The Radio Amateur Society of Australia has written to the Australian Communications and Media Authority to object to the French sharing proposal for 144-146 MHz.

    “There are hundreds of thousands of amateur stations using 144-146 MHz across all regions. Given this huge base of installed equipment and the VHF range achievable from commercial aircraft, it is very difficult to see how any sharing with and protection of amateur communications could be achieved”, RASA President, Glenn VK4DU said.

    RASA have requested that, if the French proposal goes forward to the World Radio Conference, the formal Australian position be to oppose it.

    Only ITU members – “administrations” in ITU speak – (i.e. countries) can stop the proposal at the World Radio Conference.

    “It is vital that all amateurs lobby their local radio regulator to oppose the French proposal” Glenn said.


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