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Sint Maarten: Aug 9-13, 2017 — PJ7TM — QSL via: K2GSJ

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Last updated: Friday, 11-Aug-2017 00:10:00 EDT
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byInfo2017 June 2017 Jun282017 Aug14BoliviaCP1XRM

20170619By EA5RM; SSB + digital; spare time operation; QSL also OK via EA5RM directJuly 2017 Jul262017 Aug15Samoa5W0RR

20170720By ZL1BQD fm Apia; mainly JT65August 2017 Aug032017 Aug12OgasawaraJD1BOI

JI1LET DirectDXNews
20170723By JI1LET fm Chichijima I (IOTA AS-031); 160-6m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL: Koji Iijima, 7-12 Tenma, Gyoda-city Saitama 361-0076, Japan2017 Aug032017 Aug13Georgia4L0GF

20170517By UR5EAW F5RAB F5RAV 4L6QC 4L6DL fm Zeda Tkhilnari, Batumi; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 1kw; AV680 and Delta Loop; QSL also OK via F5RAV direct or Club Log2017 Aug052017 Aug11JerseyGJ4PVM

20170711By G4PVM; HF; CW SSB; QSL also OK via Club Log and eQSL (no paper QSLs)2017 Aug072017 Aug25South Cook IsE51GHS

20170513By F4GHS fm Aitutaki I (IOTA OC-083) 8/7-16 and Rarotonga I (IOTA OC-013) 8/16-25; HF; holiday style operation2017 Aug082017 Aug14MayotteFH

20170809By DJ9RR as FH/DJ9RR; 80-10m; CW RTTY; 500w; CrankIR; QSL also OK via DJ9RR (Buro or direct)2017 Aug092017 Aug13Sint MaartenPJ7TM

20170810By K2GSJ; 40-17m; CW SSB2017 Aug092017 Aug28AlaskaKL7
20170602By VE7ACN as AL3/VE7ACN fm Hinchinbrook I (IOTA NA-042, 8/9-15) and as NL6/VE7ACN fm Kayak I (IOTA NA-157, 8/18-28); 160-10m; CW SSB; QSL also OK via VE7ACN2017 Aug102017 Aug12Mariana IsKH0

20170808By JH0CJH as JH0CJH/KH0 fm Saipan2017 Aug122017 Aug19Market ReefOJ0
20170809By OH2BH as OJ2BH and OH3JR as OJ0JR; FT8; QRV for WAEDC2017 Aug142017 Aug18French GuianaFY
20170809By F5UII as FY/F5UII fm Kourou; mainly SSB RTTY; 100w; spare time operation; QSL OK via Buro or direct2017 Aug152017 Sep05French PolynesiaTX5EGLotWTDDX
20170428By F6BCW F6DTZ F1TCV fm Moorea I (IOTA OC-046); 80-12m; CW SSB; QSL also OK via F6BCW (Buro or direct),

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