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Greenland: Aug 18-24, 2017 — OX3LX — QSL via: LotW



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 Here info when OX3LX plan to be QRV in 2017


I plan to be QRV from NA220 from Simiutaq Island in south Greenland Locator: GP60,from  18 of August to 24 of August 2017.



It is not a DXped so I will only be QRV when not at QRL. Best chance is in the morning around lunch and after dinner(local time utc+2) In the weekend also during night/morning.





Previous activation :


18/7 to 28/7-2017 I was in GP49KF NA018 Ilulissat City

12/6 to 26/6 2017 NA151 HP15eo Tasiilaq Island

xx to 4/12 2016 HQ90 scosbysund

4/10 to 18/10 2016 HQ90  Scosbysund

30/9 to 4/10 GP47 Kangerlussuaq

31/8 to 13 sep 2016 I was QRV GP38  NA134

9/7-15/7 2016 I was QRV from HP15 NA151

5/7-9/7-2016 I was QRV from GP44 NA018

15/3 to 22/3 2016 I was QRV from NA151

Between 17/2-28/2-2016 I was QRV from NA151 Christians 4th Island

Between 9/2-16/2-2016 I was QRV from NA018 Qaqortoq city

Between 27/11 and 2/12-2015 I was QRV from NA151 Chrisians 4th Island GP80KB

Between 26/10 and 2/11 I was in NA018 Nuuk city GP44


Between 26/9-12/10 I was in NA151 Tasiilaq Island HP15EO

My Verticale antenna for 80m I was using at NA151 Tasiilaq Island. But to much northlight so only a few QSO was made.


Between 4-11 September 2015 I was at QING Island NA018 GP44KJ

Between 13-18 july 2015 I was at NA134 Aasiaat Island

Between 13 june to 22 june I was QRV from NA220 Simiutaq Island

Between 1 of May to 11 of May 2015 I was QRV from south Greenland and NA220 Simiutaq Island GP60QQ


24th to 27th of February 2015 I was back at Kookoerne Island NA-220 Grid: GP34XB.

2/2 to 4/2-2015 I was QRV from NA018 Grid GP47TA

6/2 to 11/2-2015  I was QRV from NA220 “Kookoerne Islands” Grid: GP34XB


 26/11 to 1/12 -2014 I was again QRV from NA134 Disko Island Grid GP39FF


29/10 to 5/11 I was QRV from Disko Island NA134 (Grid GP39FF).


20-27 of September I was QRV from Kulusuk Island NA151 HF+6m 



3rd of August to 20th of August I was QRV from south Greenland NA151 Christians 4th Island GP80


27/6 to 7/7 I was QRV from LOC: GP47TA NA018  6m and HF 


5th to 9th of May 2014 I was QRV from Aasiaat Island NA-134 , HF only 


28-Jan to 4-Feb  2014 I was QRV from Mainland NA018 on 10/12/15/17/20/30/40/80/160m CW /SSB 


24th-27th Feb. 2014 I’m QRV from Nuuk the capital city of Greenland. HF only NA018


Spring and summer plans not decide yet, more info will come.




Past info where  OX3LX was QRV in 2013

Januar 2013  I was QRV from GP60, Simiutaq Island NA-220

April/May 2013 I was QRV from GP47TA NA018


21/5 24/5 I was QRV from GP36DW NA-018



1/6-7/6-2013 I was  QRV from HP15EO NA151 East OX

Here a pic’s of my 4m/6m duoband antenne from 1st june 2013 in HP15EO 



From  4/8 to 5/8-2013 I was QRV from  GP47 NA-018 Kangerlussuaq (1day)

 I did work 1 EME QSO on 6m and alot of HF


From 5/8 to 9/8-2013 I was QRV from GP38 NA-134 Aasiaat Island

Very bad prop and alot of QRL so no QSO’s was made.



From 15/8 to 28/8-2013 I was QRV from HQ90AL NA018 and HQ60 NA-243 East OX

 Here a pic of my 2m EME M2-5WL with manual AZ/ELV. 

I  work 130 QSO’s on the moon also some new first OX QSO’s was into the log. 

A few QSO’s on 30m made from NA-243 also some QSO’s on 30m from NA-018

EME August 2013 HQ90AL.



18/9 to 25/9 I will be at Kulusuk Island IOTA: NA-151 Locator: HP15KN



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