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Greenland: Aug 18-24, 2017 — OX3LX — QSL via: LotW



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 Here info when OX3LX plan to be QRV in 2017


I plan to be QRV from NA220 from Simiutaq Island in south Greenland Locator: GP60,from  18 of August to 24 of August 2017.



It is not a DXped so I will only be QRV when not at QRL. Best chance is in the morning around lunch and after dinner(local time utc+2) In the weekend also during night/morning.





Previous activation :


18/7 to 28/7-2017 I was in GP49KF NA018 Ilulissat City

12/6 to 26/6 2017 NA151 HP15eo Tasiilaq Island

xx to 4/12 2016 HQ90 scosbysund

4/10 to 18/10 2016 HQ90  Scosbysund

30/9 to 4/10 GP47 Kangerlussuaq

31/8 to 13 sep 2016 I was QRV GP38  NA134

9/7-15/7 2016 I was QRV from HP15 NA151

5/7-9/7-2016 I was QRV from GP44 NA018

15/3 to 22/3 2016 I was QRV from NA151

Between 17/2-28/2-2016 I was QRV from NA151 Christians 4th Island

Between 9/2-16/2-2016 I was QRV from NA018 Qaqortoq city

Between 27/11 and 2/12-2015 I was QRV from NA151 Chrisians 4th Island GP80KB

Between 26/10 and 2/11 I was in NA018 Nuuk city GP44


Between 26/9-12/10 I was in NA151 Tasiilaq Island HP15EO

My Verticale antenna for 80m I was using at NA151 Tasiilaq Island. But to much northlight so only a few QSO was made.


Between 4-11 September 2015 I was at QING Island NA018 GP44KJ

Between 13-18 july 2015 I was at NA134 Aasiaat Island

Between 13 june to 22 june I was QRV from NA220 Simiutaq Island

Between 1 of May to 11 of May 2015 I was QRV from south Greenland and NA220 Simiutaq Island GP60QQ


24th to 27th of February 2015 I was back at Kookoerne Island NA-220 Grid: GP34XB.

2/2 to 4/2-2015 I was QRV from NA018 Grid GP47TA

6/2 to 11/2-2015  I was QRV from NA220 “Kookoerne Islands” Grid: GP34XB


 26/11 to 1/12 -2014 I was again QRV from NA134 Disko Island Grid GP39FF


29/10 to 5/11 I was QRV from Disko Island NA134 (Grid GP39FF).


20-27 of September I was QRV from Kulusuk Island NA151 HF+6m 



3rd of August to 20th of August I was QRV from south Greenland NA151 Christians 4th Island GP80


27/6 to 7/7 I was QRV from LOC: GP47TA NA018  6m and HF 


5th to 9th of May 2014 I was QRV from Aasiaat Island NA-134 , HF only 


28-Jan to 4-Feb  2014 I was QRV from Mainland NA018 on 10/12/15/17/20/30/40/80/160m CW /SSB 


24th-27th Feb.

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