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Ham Radio training for students on August 20

A training session on operation of Ham Radio for school students will be organised at the Regional Science Centre of the APCOST at Bhavanipuram, on August 20.

In a statement on Friday, training coordinator A. Ramesh Babu said the session would commence at 9 a.m.

Students drawn from various schools in and around Vijayawada would take part in the session.

“Science students from any stream can follow and prepare for the exams with the help of the study material provided at the training class,” he said.


The Ham Radio exam would be conducted by the Wireless Planning and Co-ordination wing under the Union Ministry of Communication, Department of Tele Communication and ‘lifetime’ Ham Radio licences would be given to the qualified candidates.

Those interested in enrolling names must do it by August 18. Details of the training session could be had by contacting Mr. Ramesh Babu on 9248346843.

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