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The future of Amateur Radio update – Southgate Amateur Radio Club

A key part of how we operate is known as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Licence Conditions Determinations (LCD).

The WIA Board has received some inquiries about the LCD submission following the three consultation surveys in June 2017.

There were more than 1100 respondents form the Amateur Radio community.

The first survey showed that future Amateur Radio licencing must not be less than what is in the current apparatus licencing.

Respondents wanted to see reduced regulation and greater self-determination.

In relation to permitted power levels – it must be reviewed in a sensible, pragmatic way for all licence levels taking into account personal safety and electromagnetic emissions.

The second survey shows the need for digital models for Foundation licensees and access to more bands for Foundation licensees.

Support for the Standard Licence included access to more bands and higher power.

For advanced licences harmonisation in 160 m and 80 m, new allocation at 5.3 MHz, primary status in 50-52 MHz, allocation at 5.3 MHz, primary status in 50-52 MHz, access to 70-70.5 MHz and the 918-925 MHz ISM band.

There was overwhelming support for a relaxation of permitted bandwidths and an increase in power to 1000 W for the Advanced Licence.

There was also overwhelming support for the balance between the three grades of licences.

The third survey sought to address outstanding issues with licence conditions.
The first question asked about clarifying the interference, station identification, retransmission and operation of repeaters.

The WIA will be pushing to expedite the implementation of the LCD recommendations.

The ACMA is expected to begin its review of the LCD later this year.

Jim Linton VK3PC
Wireless Institute of Australia

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