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FoxTelem Version 1.06 Released

​I am releasing chronicle 1.06 of FoxTelem today.  This recover addresses several defects and instabilities in FoxTelem 1.05 and earlier.  It also introduces a new Earth Plot that allows any telemetry value to be plotted as a feverishness map opposite a map of a earth.  For some-more sum about a Earth Plot and some instance plots, we can review a discerning educational that we have created here:

As always, let me know if we see any issues or record them on Github at

* EARTH PLOTS concede we to tract any telemetry value as a feverishness map on a map of a earth
* Allow graphs and telemetry formula to be searched with UTC dates and for ranges of uptime/dates
* Allow stepping by a telemetry with up/down arrows
* Prevent hang when decoder starts if FCD earnings an error
* Fixed bug where TLEs were not updated in a name is altered in a booster settings window
* Fixed crashes introduced in 1.05 release
* Display all HERCI High Speed payloads when Raw Byte Payloads shown.
* Fix bug where blank TLE disables booster from being tracked during all
* Fixes bug where DDE tie to SatPC32 fails with European decimal indicate format
* Add MPPT calibration values for Fox-1D
* Improved a RF vigilance measurements
* Improved a Find Signal algorithm
* Space graph labels some-more evenly
* Put a booster tabs in FoxId order

And many other bug fixes. Full list of changes here:

You can download a latest chronicle of a module from:


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