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Ailunce HD1 Dual Band DMR Amateur Radio

Retevis Company has a new sub-brand, mainly for hams. Ailunce HD1 is the first radio Retevis RD mainly for hams. What’s the different between HD1 and other dual band dmr radios? What makes HD1 unique? Not only it is Dual Band DMR radio, it has a lot of other functions and design details. All of them make HD1 unique.

Note:The radio’s in the short movies are proto-types. The final version will be more beautiful and greater.

1. Appearance Design:

Ailunce HD1 has Very simple design, 360 degree channel knob.The true radio’s lcd is made from inside by ultrasonic wave. This technology will improve the waterproof rating,even higher than IP67. The whole radio is waterproof and dustproof.

Long pres “*Scan” will turn on the scan function. Long press “#LOCK” will turn on keypad also can turn on the keypad lock by HD1 menu.

Battery indicate percent: Like the photo show, the battery is 88% now, it is more clear and more intuitive.

HD1 each line can display 16 characters.

2. Dual Band DMR Radio

Ailunce HD1 is true-2-slot, provide 2-slot communication which allows for 2 talk paths on 1 frequency;comply with MOTOTRBO Tier ⅠⅡ. DMR and FM mode, dual display and dual standby.

VFO and Channel Mode. HD1 is True VFO mode. You can directly input frequency, shift, shift direction, color code and other settings via keypad. It is a great upgrade for digital radio. You can save the frequency as a channel, edit and delete. you can edit contacts,group lists,etc. HD1 make you operate almost all the settings via keypad.
Channel mode, there are three different display ways for choice. Name(channel name and channel number), Chnnel(channel number), frequency(frequency and channel number).

You can change the channel display ways by menu. In channel frequency mode, you can change vfo and channel mode by short press “EXIT”. Long press “Exit” will change analog and digital in vfo mode.

3. Radio ID

Some hams may have several radio ID, so they ask if the radio can edit radio ID via radio keypad. HD1 can save total 32 radio ID, You can choose the radio id directly. In addition, you can chooose the radio id you have saved via keypad, or you also can edit the radio id by radio keypad.

4. Customize side key via radio keypad
You not only can customize the side key by HD1 software, but also can customized the side key via radio keypad.

5. You can operate the HD1 when there is a incomming call

You can operate the HD1 even if your radio is receiving. You can enter the menu to do any operation. The menu will not go back to the menu home page automatically. You can press “EXIT” to go back to menu home page step by step. press the PTT you can go bact to the menu home page directly.

6. Three scan mode
Ailunce HD1 has three scan mode. Time, carrier and search. HD1 give you more choice.

7. Promiscuous

Ailunce HD1 has promiscuous function, when you choose “ON”, It will make you listen all the signal, even if you are not in the same group.

8.Two-slot simplex(DCDM)
it support two conversations on the same channel in simplex mode.

9.High power and Large memory battery
HD1 has three power level. 10w/5w/1w, you can choose by software,menu,or side key. the battery of HD1 is 3200mAh. Professional battery and long standby.

10.Special Contacts List
The contacts list

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