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Here is a link to an audio recording of the “Town Hall” webinar held recently online by the ARRL Hudson Division Director N2YBB.

The track begins already a few moments into an opening statement by N2YBB. Topics include the N6AA censure and K3RF election disqualification. Eventually the session turns into a QA with a few participating members. Questions include ARPA and dismissal of the K1VR opinion, and EMCOMM issues.

Don’t expect to hear all those call signs explicitly, read between the lines. What I hear is an irrational bullyish push-back, based on characterizations of source not factual arguments, that conclude as non conciliatory if not outright dismissal of positions expressed in the recent public outcry calling for the League to institute more transparent inclusive management and respectful communication with concerned, talented and credentialed membership.

This apparently could be an example of the majority attitude of the ARRL Board and Executive management today.

What say you?

73, John, WØPV


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    I listened as far as I could. Evidently this man is angry, and feels he’s being abused. “I’m married with children, if I wanted abuse I’d stay home”. He also believes that there is a “Toxic work environment” in Newington and with the board of directors. If the ARRL is that bad in his oppinion, why doesn’t he QUIT! There’s a vice director in his division for just such an occasion. Go home and work on your relationship issues, because your family is more important than your hobby, especially if you think the hobby is TOXIC.

    But no, that’s not the conclusion this scholar drew. He decided that he knew what was best for everyone and said of the Code of Conduct, “We obviously needed to develop a set of protocols that created guidelines that taught the behaviors you need to conduct yourself as adults”. Obviously?? I’m not so sure.

    If it’s that bad, resign and go home to your family. Work on your relationship skills. Don’t project your anger and impose your will onto the entire organization with no input from the membership. If this is a sample of the arrogance and over-inflated sense of self-worth on the BoD, it’s time for them all to go. Until then, don’t expect a renewal from me. And don’t be surprised if

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