Blue Mountains rescue efforts continue

As many readers in Australia’s VK2 area are aware, there has been an ongoing and prolonged
search in the Blue Mountains, West of Sydney, for a missing person from the
Fairmont resort near Leura.

The search has been reported as one of the largest searches undertaken by
NSW Police rescue.

WICEN has been providing communications support for the BWRS who are being tasked into the difficult to access
areas within the search area. These include canyons and cliffs which are
being searched by repetitive abseiling.

WICEN has contributed well over 250 hours so far of operational time.

Steven Heimann, VK2BOS is the WICEN commander.

5-6 WICEN operators are involved each day and set up radio points that can
look into the areas the BWRS are operating in so that comms with BWRS and the
command post at the Fairmont resort are maintained. WICEN has a radio point
at Sublime Point which is logging the radio traffic between the search teams
and the command post utilising relays as needed from the 3-4 WICEN radio
points in use.

There are many news items on this search in the media.

The following is a typical one.

Source: WIA, Mal Brooks

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