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FT8 TEST on air “DXpedition Mode” on 6 and 7 March !

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  1. IW2BSF

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    On-the-Air Test of New FT8 “DXpedition Mode” Set for Early March

    A second beta version of WSJT-X version 1.9.0 has been released, the WSJT development group announced this week.

    The “release candidate,” as it’s called, is designated as version 1.9.0-rc2.

    An initial beta release has already been field-tested by a small group of users. The WSJT development group said a primary purpose of the second beta release is to allow further field testing of the new FT8 “DXpedition Mode,” designed to enable DXpeditions to make FT8 contacts at very high rates, and it is inviting the Amateur Radio community to participate in a public test run of FT8 DXpedition Mode on the evening of March 6 (North American time).

    “The goal is to simulate a rare DXpedition pileup by having many stations (‘Hounds’) calling and trying to work a designated pseudo-DXpedition station (‘Fox’),” the announcement said. All test participants must use WSJT-X version 1.9.0-rc2.

    Test times and frequencies are:

    – March 6, 23:00 UTC on 14.080 MHz;
    – March 7, 00:00 UTC on 10.141 MHz;
    – March 7, 01:00 UTC on 7.080 MHz,
    – March 7, 02:00 UTC on 3.585 MHz.

    Frequencies are not the conventional FT8 operating frequencies and are subject to change, subject to conditions. Last-minute changes will be posted.

    more instruction and guide here :

    info qui:

    73 de IW2BSF – Rudy


  2. W0PV

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    “… Foxes can transmit up to five signals simultaneously, thereby allowing QSO rates up to about 500 per hour in ideal conditions.

    :eek: WHOA !!!

    The end of the insurmountable DX “pile-up”. Anticipating use in the first competition (FD?) :cool:

    73, John, WØPV

  3. MW1CFN

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    Great mode. Not sure, though, about how much of the band FT8 threatens to eat up. There is more to ham life than logbook-filling.

    I always think it might be a good idea for new mode coders to properly consult the community over an extended period before launching these things on the bands.

  4. KA1VT

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  5. K4AGO

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