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A New Spin on JT Alert, HRD Logbook and WSJT-X

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    The FT8 mode and these programs are so popular right now lots of Hams are using them and different issues keep popping up. I’m finding easier ways to do things and hopefully eliminate any problems. Here’s my new spin on getting these programs working together: Don’t use HRD rig control!

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    Now this new spin for me and is the easiest and least troublesome way, but it does have its downside. There is no rig control with HRD (tuner,NB,NR,AGC control), we are limited with the band/frequency change in WSJT-X, but this is really okay and all that is needed. Those other adjustments can be made from the front of the radio. The other downside is that it won’t upload the ON AIR to, but many won’t mind this either.

    See the full article here with screen captures and more information:

    A New Spin on JT Alert, HRD Logbook and WSJT-X

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