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ISS SSTV transmissions continue

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    ISS SSTV transmissions continue

    SSTV transmissions from the Russian Service module on the International Space Station started June 29 on 145.800 MHz FM and they are still continuing

    There may well be further transmissions up until July 13 when the equipment being used for the SSTV will be required for a school contact.

    David Boult G7HCE in Exeter noted that some adjustments have been made by the cosmonauts and the images are now being sent uncropped. For the first week the edges of the pictures were missing.

    The images commemorate the various satellites that were hand-deployed from the ISS. These will include the first satellite deployment from ISS: Suitsat-1/Radioskaf-1 which was developed by ARISS and deployed in February 2006.

    ISS SSTV image received by David Boult G7HCE

    The transmissions are being made on 145.800 MHz FM using the PD-120 SSTV mode.

    Note the ISS transmissions use the 5 kHz deviation FM standard rather than the narrow 2.5 kHz used in Europe. If your transceiver has selectable FM filters try using the wider filter. Handheld transceivers generally have a single wide filter fitted as standard and you should get good results outdoors using just a 1/4 wave whip antenna.

    The ISS Fan Club site will show you when the space station is in range

    ISS SSTV information and links at

    If you receive a full or partial picture from the Space Station your Local Newspaper may like to know

    The RSGB produce a handy Media Guide and Template press release for anyone to download and adapt, see

    An example of the publicity you can get for the hobby by telling your Local Newspaper


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