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Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2124 for Friday, July 13, 2018

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2124 for Friday, July 13, 2018 Audio –

Amateur Radio Newsline Report Number 2124 with a release date of Friday, July 13 2018 to follow in 5-4-3-2-1.

The following is a QST. South African amateurs are on the move. Cuban licensees score big on their exams — and in the U.S. hams provided needed connections as wildfires swept Colorado. All this and more as Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2124 comes your way right now.




PAUL/ANCHOR: We begin this week’s newscast with an update on the more than a dozen wildfires that have swept through the state of Colorado in less than two weeks and the amateurs who’ve been able to help. Our report comes courtesy of Amanda Alden K1DDN who has been working with ARES in connection with those fires, which resulted in the evacuation of more than 3,000 homes.

Amanda tells us that Type 1 and Type 2 Incident Management Teams were called in quickly for many sites once the fires flared so ARES was not called in for all of them. ARES was activated, however, for the Quarry Fire, which was ignited by lightning on the evening of Saturday July 7th, two miles west of Canon City, Colorado. The fire began in rough terrain but also threatened cell tower sites in addition to an important ham radio repeater site. The same lightning caused at least one other spot fire which was extinguished quickly but also struck near two people on the Royal Gorge Bridge.

Fremont County Incident Management Team asked the R5D1 ARES team to assist with comms for the local wildfire team as well as the fire protection district. As Amanda told us “We actually fulfilled more of an AuxComm role for the fire.” The amateur team monitored narrowband VHF fire frequencies, tactical command and air-to-ground. Incident Command also required hourly weather updates. The ARES comm van also provided IP connectivity and a live camera feed on flare-ups and hot spots. By July 8, air attacks had done their job and ARES was able to demobilize that evening.

One wildfire team member, who is also a ham, was injured and has since recovered. As Amanda reminded Newsline : “ARES isn’t always about using amateur radio. When you have these small rural teams fighting a fire, it’s about assisting any way possible. If that includes using public safety radio, that’s what we do”.

The Quarry Fire is now 100 percent contained. As of Newsline production time, however, the Spring Fire – the second largest in the state’s history, continued to burn.



PAUL/ANCHOR: A group of amateurs in Ireland are showing that radio operators have always been good sports when it comes to sports. Here’s Jeremy Boot G4NJH.

JEREMY: With the World Radiosport Team Championship about to kick off in Germany and with the World Cup going on in Russia, it’s worth noting that a sporting event 120 years ago also involved the use of radio. In 1898, Guglielmo Marconi was invited to set up a wireless station aboard a boat anchored at the finish line of that year’s Kingstown Regatta in Dublin. The goal was to be able to transmit the race results to the harbour master’s office in Kingstown and from there, phoned into newsrooms from where special editions of the newspapers could be printed and on the newstands well before the yachts returned to port.

The 120th anniversary of this important “first” in sports reporting by wireless is being commemorated on the

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