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Only 24 hours to work the special Y8 call signs

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    Only 24 hours to work the special Y8 call signs

    The ex-DDR (East German) call-sign group from Y81A through Y89U, not used for 28 years has been issued especially for the WRTC Championship in Wittenberg, Germany.

    BUT …. These call signs will ONLY be on the air for the 24 hours of the WRTC / IARU HF contest – after that these call signs may never appear on the air again – or perhaps only in another 28 years?

    All stations are built and all competitors out on their sites waiting patiently to be able to use these very special call-signs from 1200 UTC on Saturday 14th. July.

    The stations will be active on CW SSB on all contest bands from 80m through 10m. Not only is this the ONLY opportunity to work these call signs, there’s also a range of awards available for working the WRTC stations.

    Full award details, live streams, on-line scoreboard and a daily news report is available from the website at

    Ed DD5LP / G8GLM / VK2JI


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