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ExpertRC 1.3 alpha 1 for remote control – Expert Electronics

Hi, everyone!

Today we finally launching new ExpertRC 1.3 alpha 1 for remote control –

In the alpha 1 we’ve made several improvements to the software interface:
– removed unused controls,
– added quick access menu for connection settings,
– reworked band and mode selection (they are grouped in a drop-down menu),
– Sound Card module was completely reworked, now in one menu you have access to mic selection and audio output added indication on a status panel,
– updated icons in the status panel,
– whether you use receiver or transceiver, changes software interface, transceiver has controls for transmission,
– in an address line for server connection, you can indicate IP address or DNS address (e.g. or sdrhost:5050).

Also, this version provides TX capability of the audio signal (only SunSDR2/ PRO, SunSDR2 QRP, transmission for MB1 will be available in alpha 2).

In the next version – alpha 2, we’ll add VAC, which will allow to work in DIGI modes (VAC added in the alpha 1, but inactive).
In the alpha 3, we’ll add transmission of CW signals and control of external devices, such as ExtCtrl/PA switches, preamp etc”


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