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HR2.0 Episode 146 – BTECH U25D Amp Testing

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  1. KC5HWB

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    From BaofengTech, an amp for you DMR HT that will do both TDMA (DMR) and analog on the UHF band. I’ll show the features of this amp and we will do some power testing with the unit in this episode.

  2. N1NDN

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  3. WM3M

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    I have had this amp for a couple weeks now, the AMP-U25D for DMR, it works, sort of. I use it with an MD-380, at 5 watts into the amp. Using the mic on the U25D, with the connection to the HT there is steady clicking, pulsing, ticking type sound on my signal. It is very noticeable and distorts my DMR signal. I tried everything I could think of, grounding everything, ferrite chokes on all leads, different locations, pulsing still there. When I use it just as an amp, RF into the U25D from the MD-380 only, signal is fine and clear. Measuring wattage on FM, it puts out about 35 watts, do not have a way to measure wattage on DMR. I really wanted to use the U25D with its mic and speaker and not just as an amp, so not sure it is worth it, but its the only amp for DMR I have found. The loss noted in the above video is not from the small cable, if you turn off the amp it does not go into by-pass, it does not pass the RF, so if the amp is off, there is not RF out. Using just as an amp and not with the supplied mic, cables, etc. it does work well on UHF DMR, I can work several more UHF DMR repeaters at quite a distance, using an outside, roof mounted antenna. Emory WM3M 73

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