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Five Russian satellites to be deployed during ISS spacewalk

SiriusSat-1 RS13S and SiriusSat-2 RS14S CubeSats

SiriusSat-1 (RS13S) and SiriusSat-2 (RS14S) CubeSats

Five Russian satellites are expected be deployed from the International Space Station on Wednesday, August 15 during a spacewalk (EVA-45) by Sergei Prokopiev and Oleg Artemiev.

SiriusSat-1 (SXC1-181) RS13S beacon 435.570 MHz
SiriusSat-2 (SXC1-182) RS14S beacon 435.670 MHz

Tanyusha SWSU №3 RS-8 beacon ??437.050 MHz 9k6 FSK or FM voice??
Tanyusha SWSU №4 RS-9 beacon ??437.050 MHz 9k6 FSK or FM voice??

ТNS-0 №3 (Technologicesky Nanosputnik)

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