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Texas HAMS Alert – SB 43 Pending in Texas Senate

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  1. KA5ETX

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    There is a effort to restrict mobile Amateur Radio operations in Texas. Check out the following article by the Panhandle ARC webpage about a proposed restriction to mobile operations in Texas if bill goes forward and contact your local Texas State Senator:…DX5b6b1TMWaelFMWFzwk0pYQ2pyK3BRRwot5Vklvi-gfI


  2. KF5JOT

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    Unless I’m reading it incorrectly, the bill defines ” wireless communications device” as:

    means a device
    through which personal wireless services, as defined by 47 U.S.C.
    Section 332(c)(7)(C)(i), are transmitted. The term does not include
    a device that is only a global navigation satellite system receiver
    used for positioning, emergency notification, or navigation

    When you pull up Section 332(c)(7)(i), this is what it says:

    (C) Definitions For purposes of this paragraph— (i) the term ‘‘personal wireless services’’ means commercial mobile services, unlicensed wireless services, and common carrier wireless exchange access services; (ii) the term ‘‘personal wireless service facilities’’ means facilities for the provision of personal wireless services; and (iii) the term ‘‘unlicensed wireless service’’ means the offering of telecommunications services using duly authorized devices which do not require individual licenses, but does not mean the provision of direct-to-home satellite services (as defined in section 303(v) of this title).

    Don’t see it having any effect on us.

  3. N2SUB

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    Tell it to the judge. ;)

  4. WB8VLC

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