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Digital Activity Days – RDRC ’01-10′ 2019 – Southgate Amateur Radio Club

The Russian Digital Radio Club invites you in 2019:

Digital Activity Days ’01-10′ are held annually in January and May in the following periods:

– from 00:00 UTC on January, 1st till 23:59 UTC on January, 10th;

– from 00:00 UTC on May, 1st till 23:59 UTC on May, 10th.

The contacts made by the following 17 digital modes are accepted: CONTESTIA, DOMINO, FT8, HELL, JT65, JT9, MFSK, MT63, OLIVIA, PSK, ROS, RTTY, SIM, SSTV, T10, THOR, THROB.

Diplomas in electronic form will be reawarded with all participants of Digital Activity Days who would work at least 10 digital modes with 10 QSOs (SWL) in each of them. The diploma will be awarded annually in May all those who will take part in any of the periods or Days in both periods of Activity.

’01-10′ RULES :

We wish you great success and enjoyable participation in our activity days!

***Merry Christmas***Happy New Year 2019***

73! – RDRC

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