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Intrepid DX Group Seeks Nominations for Annual Intrepid Spirit and Humanitarian Awards


The Intrepid DX Group is seeking nominations for its annual Intrepid Spirit and Humanitarian awards.

“We wish to recognize the individual or group that most displayed their Intrepid Spirit this past year,” the announcement said. An Intrepid Spirit is defined as “bold, courageous, dedicated, innovative, fearless, generous, resolute, and visionary in their approach to Amateur Radio,” according to the awards’ website. “We want to recognize those individuals or groups that activated the rare, difficult, and dangerous places,” the Group said. The Humanitarian Award is given to an individual or group best serving society via Amateur Radio. Submit nominations via email by January 15.

The Board of Directors of the Intrepid DX Group will evaluate the nominations and awards will be presented at the International DX Convention in Visalia, California, in April. — Thanks to The Intrepid-DX Group

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