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IARUMS reports on OTH Radar on 21 MHz

IARU-R1 Monitoring System reports an Over The Horizon (OTH) radar located on the island of Cyprus has been active on 21.170 MHz 

The Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia is a British Overseas Territory on the island of Cyprus. 

On December 11 a radar on the island was reported as using FMCW, 50 sweeps/sec, 20 kHz wide on 21170 kHz inside the amateur band.

The International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1 December 2018 newsletter can be read at

Reports of Amateur Band intruders can be logged on the IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Logger at

Monitor the short wave bands on-line with a web based SDR receiver at

IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS)


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