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QRZ Logbook Restored to Service

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  1. AA7BQ

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    After a long weekend, the QRZ Logbook is back in operation on it’s new hardware platform.

    We won’t make excuses and will admit that the upgrade should have been better planned and executed. We apologize for that and humbly ask for your understanding. Once the process began, we were committed to finishing it and clearly it took much longer than it should have. This was a major infrastructure upgrade of both hardware and operating system and there were new things that we weren’t familiar with or otherwise didn’t expect. Fortunately, we were able to persevere and we stuck through it until the end. In fact, we missed the entire Super Bowl.

    While we remain confident that the system is in good working order, we will not be surprised if those of you who use the facility will find some issues over the next few days. PLEASE, if you find anything wrong, leave us a note here. We’ll be monitoring this forum thread for the next few days to make sure that all is well.

    Now, a few notes to remember:

    You do not need to re-upload your logs. This upgrade resulted in zero loss of data from the previous system. In fact, please DO NOT re-upload your logs. Just upload new ones if you have them.

    Please leave a message here if you find anything is amiss. We will be taking bug reports as they arrive and will tackle them immediately if possible. Do remember that we do take the evenings off and may catch some sleep once in a while. HI HI

    QRZ wishes to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

    73 -fred AA7BQ

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  3. W7UUU

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    Good job Fred – hope you get some well-deserved rest


  4. KQ4MM

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