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Philippines Ham Radio Class D Seminar

In 2018 ‘Gadget Addict‘ was invited by the Philippine Amateur Radio Association to make a video of their one-day seminar to get the 50 watt 144 MHz Class D amateur radio license

There are four classes of license in the Philippines. The exam for each comprises 25 random questions selected from the Elements relevant to that license class:
Class D – 50 watts on 144 MHz – Element 2 only, about 7 hours tuition
Class C – 200 watts PEP – Elements 2, 3, 4
Class B – 1 kW PEP – Elements 5, 6, 7
Class A – 2 kW PEP – Elements 8, 9, 10

You can try the Class D (NTC Element II) questions at

Ham radio exam question pool for the Philippines

The syllabus requirements for Class D seem to be inline with the ITU recommendation on minimum standards for amateur radio, ITU Rec M.1544

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