PhoneSat 2.4 Ham Radio CubeSat

Jan Stupl provides an update on PhoneSat 2.4 which was part of  the ORS3 / Elana 4 launch from the Wallops Flight Facility on November 19, 2013

By now there are TLEs at space-track for all 29 objects of that launch (NORAD ID 39380 – 39409), but only five of them have been identified on space-track.

The PhoneSat team thinks that 39381 is theirs, but 39402, 39400 and 39397 are also (less likely) possibilities. Because the satellites are still close, using the radio beacon for identification is somewhat ambiguous. Getting more observations would be very helpful for everybody on that launch.

You find all information about the 437.425 MHz PhoneSat 2.4 on the website and people can submit received packets as well, and comment which TLE they used. The latter is obviously important to gain confidence on the assigned TLEs.

PhoneSat 2.4

Minotaur-1 ELaNa-4 Satellites