SOAR kicks off ARRL Centennial celebration with parade appearance

S.O.A.R. kicks off ARRL Centennial celebration with parade

The Las Vegas Chapter of SOAR, the Sisterhood Of Amateur Radio, could not
wait for 2014 to begin promoting the 100th Anniversary of the ARRL.

They hit the pavement rolling on December 7th, when their group was one
the units in the 42nd Annual Santa’s Electric Night Parade in Boulder City.

The theme of their entry was “Lady Radio Operators and the ARRL-100 Years of
Volunteer Service”. 

An Artic air blast, unusual for Southern Nevada, had engulfed the area for
several days. Thermometers had plunged to freezing. The SOAR ladies had
originally planned to re-enact different decades of amateur radio thru the
wearing of period attire and using vintage equipment.  The freezing cold
forced them to forgo the costumes and to bundle up in parkas and fur hats.

Affixed to their vehicle were vintage photographs showing YL’s of yesteryear
in action. These photos were joined by those of modern day YL Ham
astronauts, scientists, and celebrities. 

A section of radio tower with a UHF Yagi attached, was covered in evergreen
garland and Five hundred Christmas lights. 
SOAR Vice-President Judy
Carpenter KC7ZVE
rode on the tailgate and “pounded brass” on a 1930’s era
Hallicrafters rig.

Club members walking in front of and behind their entry, carried brightly
decorated Christmas “gifts to the community”.  The packages had scenes of
the local YL’s volunteering their communications skills.  One package was
emblazoned with the ARRL Centennial logo.

The ladies report that they encountered at least six reviewing stands along
the route, where they heard PA systems describing amateur radio’s role in
the community and thanking amateur radio operators for their commitment.

Additionally, the entire parade was broadcasted live on Las Vegas television
and rebroadcasted on December 17, 21, and on Christmas Eve.

“It is with great pride that we celebrate 100 years of the ARRL and the
legacy of those women before us who were truly pioneers of the electronic
age……” said SOAR President Elizabeth “Liz” Bigley-KD7RIN, “…..our
Centennial year is now upon us and the commitment of YL’s to serve the
Amateur Radio Service has never been greater.”

Bigley reported that SOAR has several activities scheduled during the next
year to help celebrate the beginning of the ARRL’s second century.

SOAR has local chapters as well as National and International Sisters
located worldwide.

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