Weymouth: Ham Radio Event this Saturday at Former Naval Air Station – 95.9 WATD

Some of the crew setting up the W1NAS stations in Aug. 2015: from left: Jeff, WK1D; Pi, K1RV; Hank, KQ1V; Bob, N1EDM; Kevin, N1FAA; and Ralph, W1BT. Many of the hams participating in this special event had served in the U.S. Navy at NAS South Weymouth and were eager to assist and participate.


A local amateur radio station, going by the call sign “W1NAS” will be operating this weekend from the grounds of the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station.

Ham Radio enthusiast Steve Cohn says more than one radio club will be participating to commemorate a unique event that occurred 58 years ago.

“We’re teaming up with another Navy-based radio club from Braintree, K1USN and we’re going to set up a couple of radio stations on the base this Saturday to commemorate the flight of the blimp “Snow Goose” from the South Weymouth Naval Air Station to the Arctic Circle. And while the blimp was airborne, the submarine USS Nautilus was under the polar ice and they kept in communications with them,” said Cohn.

A third amateur radio station will also be operating in conjunction with W1NAS from the pier of the Nautilus in Groton, Connecticut. Cohn says the event gives people a chance to see what ham radio is all about.

“We’re going to have one station set up at the Memorial Grove where the A-4 jet is on a pilon. People can go there and go under the tent and see what’s going on with that station. And people can go into the museum itself, which will be open all day and see the museum that we’ve put together and see what the radio clubs are like,” said Cohn.

The special event station will be operating Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and admission is free.

The Shea Naval Aviation Museum is located at 495 Shea Memorial Dr., South Weymouth.


For more photos from last year’s event and more info on the radio club, click here.