Micronesia: Nov 25-30, 2016 — V63DX — QSL via: JA7HMZ

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byInfo2016 August 2016 Aug262016 Nov05Lesotho7P8VA

20160822By K7TRB fm Maseru; 80-10m, perhaps 6m; PSK and other digital 50%, SSB 50%; QSL OK via Buro or direct (w/ SASE for US and 2USD for others)September 2016 Sep012016 Sep30DjiboutiJ28PI

20160827By F1TMY; Inv L for 160m; Spiderbeam; G5RV; operation to continue for 3-5 years2016 Sep032016 Nov25Pitcairn IVP6AH

20151116By DL2AH; 40-10m; SSB + digital; 100w; Windom or triple leg; holiday style operation; QRV from French Polynesia (Mangareva/Gambier) probably using TX2AH or TO2AH beforehand2016 Sep122016 Oct03MartiniqueFM
20160827By DD5ZZ as FM/DD5ZZ fm NA-107; QSL also OK via DD5ZZ or Club Log2016 Sep182016 Sep30ComorosD66D

20160423By OK1FPS OK6DJ OK1GK OK2ZA OK1BOA fm AF-007; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via OK6DJ and eQSL2016 Sep192016 Sep30LaosXW4XR

20160907By AA4XR fm Vientiane; 80-10m; CW RTTY JT65; QSL also OK via E21EIC; preparing for CQWW DX CW operation2016 Sep202016 Oct01Uganda5X8B

20160902By DL3YM fm Entebbe; CW; vertical dipole; spare time operation; automatic paper QSL via Buro (reply not needed), direct requests to DL3YM OK w/ SAE + adequate postage2016 Sep222016 Sep30OgasawaraJD1BPG

20160922By JE1HXZ fm Chichijima I(AS-031); 40-6m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via JE1HXZ (Buro or direct)2016 Sep232016 Sep30PalauT8
[spots]Home CallDXNews
20160904By JA3JND as T88ON and JA3KIO as T88XA fm Koror I (OC-009); 40-10m; CW SSB RTTY JT65; QRV for WAE DX RTTY and JIDX SSB contests2016 Sep232016 Oct04Isle of ManMD
20160816By DM2AUJ as MD/DM2AUJ, DL4SVA DL7VEE DL1RTL DL7JOM DL2AWG likewise; 80-10m; SSB CW RTTY; 2 stationss 24/7; Spiderbeams, verticals, loops, R7; QSL also OK via home_call (DARC Buro or direct)2016 Sep242016 Oct08SeychellesS79KB

20160115By DL2SBY fm Praslin and Mahe Is (AF-024); 40-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 600w; verticals; QSL also OK via Club Log2016 Sep242016 Oct10Kenya5Z4
20160708By IW5BBV as 5Z4/IW5BBV fm Watamu and Mida; 40 20 17 15m; QSL OK via Buro or direct, also eQSL2016 Sep242016 Oct03Solomon IsH44GC

20151221By LZ1GC DL8JJ fm Guadalcanal, (OC-047, QI90xn); 160-10m, focus on low bands; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via LZ1GC2016 Sep252016 Oct06Canary IsEA8
20160824By PH2M as EA8/PH2M fm Tinajo, Lanzarote I (AF-004); 40-10m; SSB; QSL also OK via Club Log2016 Sep252016 Oct15Norfolk IVK9NZ

20160602By ZL3GA ZL3AB ZL4TT ZL3PAH; 160-6m; CW SSB RTTY; hexbeams, verticals, wires; QSL also OK via ZL3PAH and Club Log; QRV for Oceania SSB Contest; exact begin and end dates not specified2016 Sep262016 Sep30Easter ICE0Y
20160908By LU8YD as CE0Y/LU8YD fm SA-001; 80-6m, perhaps 160m; SSB; 100w; vertical + dipoles; also LW/MW RX DX with SDR and Beverages 100 KHz-1710 KHz2016 Sep262016 Sep30Easter ICE0Y
20160826By LU9VEA as CE0Y/LU9VEA fm SA-001; HF; SSB; 500w; vertical + dipoles2016 Sep262016 Oct01Sao Tome PrincipeS9
20160521By EA3BT as S9BT and EA3WL as S9WL fm Ilhu das Rolas (AF-023); 40-6m; SSB, some CW RTTY2016 Sep272016 Sep30Lesotho7P8NO

20160925By NO9E; HF; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via NO9E2016 Sep272016 Oct01Cayman IsZF2EZ

20160818By W5SJ fm ZF1A station; looking for Asia on 30m; perhaps also 20m CW QRP2016 Sep272016 Oct04TuvaluT2R

20160415By KK7L N7SMI fm Funafuti Atoll; 80-10m; SSB CW RTTY; QSL also OK via Club Log (preferred), email request, N7SMI direct (w/ SASE or 2USD), eQSL2016 Sep292016 Oct02Mariana IsKH0UA

20160926By KH0UA; 80-6m; 16 yr old op QRV during school holidayOctober 2016 Oct012016 Oct04TongaA35JP/pLotWJA0RQV
20160812By JA0RQV fm Niuafo’ou I (OC-123); 80-6m; CW SSB; 100w; vertical; QSL OK via JA0RQV (Buro or direct w/ SAE + 2USD) or Club Log2016 Oct012016 Oct08Lord Howe IVK9LXLotWDXW.Net
20160807By W1RSD fm OC-004; QRV for the Oceania DX Contest, Phone2016 Oct022016 Oct12Maldives8Q7MDLotWDXW.Net
20160909By IZ1MHY fm Felidhoo Atoll; 40-10m; SSB + digital; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via 9A8ARS Buro or IZ1MHY direct, also eQSL2016 Oct022016 Oct12SeychellesS79PA
20160924By R2DG fm Mahe I (AF-024); HF; CW SSB PSK; QSL also OK via R2DG or Club Log2016 Oct042016 Oct07PalauT88MZ
20160929By JH0CKF fm Koror I (OC-009); HF; SSB CW; QSL also OK via JH0CKF or eQSL2016 Oct042016 Oct09Malta9H3LHLotW425DXN
20160917By IK8YFU IU8GUK IW8RAO IZ8CZR IZ8SJA IZ8SKO; 80-10m (no WARC); CW SSB + digital; QSL also OK via 9A8ARS Buro or IK8YFU direct2016 Oct042016 Oct10TuvaluT2JLotWDXW.Net
20160801By JF2MBF JA2FJP; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via JA2FJP direct (w/ SAE + US$2) and Club Log2016 Oct042016 Oct16Maldives8Q7HX
20160929By DJ9HX fm Bandos I (AS-013); 40-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via DJ9HX2016 Oct042016 Oct17TemotuH40GCLotWDXW.Net
20151221By LZ1GC fm Nendo I (OC- 100, RH92ug); 160-10m, focus on low bands; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via LZ1GC2016 Oct042016 Oct30Central KiribatiT31T3Z9DXDXNews
20160824By 3Z9DX SP3DOI SP7VC fm Kanton I (OC-043); 160-10m; end date unclear2016 Oct062016 Oct11BelizeV31VP
20160927By WB0TEV; QRV for NA SSB Sprint and Makrothen RTTY2016 Oct082016 Oct23Sao Tome PrincipeS9YYDH7WWTDDX
20160620By DG5AA DK8YY DL1AOB DL1AWD DL1RPL DL3RKS fm AF-023; 160-10m, also EME on 2m 432; CW SSB + digital; QSL OK via DARC Buro or direct2016 Oct092016 Oct16BelizeV31TT DXNews
20160907By K5TTE; 40 20m; QRP; end-fed wire2016 Oct092016 Oct23HawaiiKH6Home CallTDDX
20160707By DJ0FX as KH6FX and DF1SD as KH7SD; 160-10m; CW SSB + digital; QSL via DARC Buro or direct (not to KH6 addresses)2016 Oct102016 Oct15BermudaVP9AA1ACTDDX
20160921By AA1AC as VP9/AA1AC fm Hamilton Parish (NA-005); HF2016 Oct102016 Nov02French PolynesiaFODF1YP BuroDF1YP
20160709By DF1YP as FO/DF1YP fm Moorea I (OC-046, ARLHS FRP 004, WLOTA 0465, WWFF FFF-178); 20 17 15m; SSB RTTY; lighthouse + WWFF activations; holiday style2016 Oct112016 Oct13Fiji3D2GGLotWDXNews
20160801By JF2MBF JA2FJP; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via JF2MBF direct (w/ SAE + US$2) and Club Log2016 Oct132016 Oct18PanamaH84JK 425DXN
20160917By SP5APW fm Isla Colon (NA-088); 20-10m; SSB + digital2016 Oct132016 Nov20Burkina FasoXT2AW
20160925By DF2WO; HF; slow CW + digital2016 Oct142016 Oct17Easter ICE0YLotWDXW.Net
20160911By JA0JHQ as CE0Y/JA0JHQ; focus on 40 30m; mainly CW; QSL also OK via JA0JHQ (Buro or direct)2016 Oct152016 Oct23Maldives8Q7DK
20160928By 4Z5SL fm AS-013; HF; SSB PSK; wires; QSL also OK via 4Z5SL2016 Oct152016 Oct29Lesotho7P8AOHA5AODXW.Net
20160819By HA5AO; 80-6m; mainly CW; QSL also OK via Club Log2016 Oct172016 Nov01MicronesiaV6ZLotWGM3WOJ
20160914By GM3WOJ GM4YXI fm Chuuk I (OC-001); 160-10m, focus on 160 80m; SSB CW; QRV for CQWW DX SSB2016 Oct182016 Oct21Solomon IsH44GCLotWDXNews
20160219By LZ1GC fm Guadalcanal, (OC-047, QI90xn); 160-10m, focus on low bands; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via LZ1GC2016 Oct182016 Oct27St LuciaJ6LotWDXW.Net
20160921By WF2S as J68SL and WB2YQH as J6/WB2YQH fm Gros Islet; 80-10m; CW SSB + digital; vertical over salt water; QSL also OK via Club Log2016 Oct182016 Oct30St HelenaZD7VDEClub LogG0VDE
20160514By G0VDE; 80-10m; SSB, some digital, perhaps CW2016 Oct192016 Oct26Ghana9G5AMLotWS59ZZ
20160801By S54W S57L S59ZZ fm Langma; 80-10m, perhaps 160m; CW SSB + digital; 100w; verticals, wires; QSL also OK via S59ZZ and Clublog2016 Oct202016 Oct28Vietnam3W2REB7DXDXNews
20160902By EA1ACP EA5HPX EA7FTR US7UX EB7DX fm the Mekong Delta; 160-6m; all modes2016 Oct202016 Nov05Vietnam3W2DKLotWDXW.Net
20160902By N0ODK; 40-10m; mainly SSB, some CW + digital; QSL also OK via N0ODK, Buro or direct2016 Oct202016 Nov12Tanzania5H3DXLotWDXW.Net
20160815By NK8O fm Zinga; 20-6m; mainly CW; spare time operation; QSL also OK via NK8O and eQSL2016 Oct212016 Oct25Fiji3D2YALotWJA1NLX
20160411By JA1NLX and JI1CNA fm Mana I (OC-121); 40-10m; mainly CW, some SSB RTTY; 100w; verticals, dipole; QSL also OK via JALNLX direct2016 Oct252016 Nov07AnguillaVP2ELotWDL7DF
20160918By DK1BT DL4WK DL7DF DL7UFN DL7UFR as TBD; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY PSK31; QSL also OK via DL7DF (DARC Buro or direct)2016 Oct262016 Nov09Chatham IZL7GG3TXFG3TXF
20160219By G3BJ G3SVL G3TXF G3WPH G3XTT G4JKS G4TSH; 160-10m; mainly CW RTTY, some SSBCQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB (Oct 29-30, 2016) Check here for pericontest activity too.2016 Oct292016 Nov04MartiniqueFMLotWWT4BT
20160811By AA4OC as TO4OC, N7BS as FM/N7BF, WT4BT as FM/WT4BT, W6ABM as TO6ABM; 80-10m; SSB + digital; QSL also OK via home_calls (see qrz.com pages)2016 Oct312016 Nov09Samoa5W
Home CallDXNews
20160930By JF1OCQ as 5W7X and JH1BED as 5W0ST fm OC-097; HF; CW SSB RTTYNovember 2016 Nov012016 Nov11BonairePJ4L
20160929By ON7TQ ON6KX; SSB CW + digital2016 Nov022016 Nov08PalauT88ABJR1UBRTDDX
20160913By JR1UBR fm Koror I; 40-6m; 1kw; QSL OK via JARL Buro or direct 2016 Nov032016 Nov09Barbados8PJH4IFF DirectDXNews
20160901By JH4IFF as 8P9JH and JH4CES as 8P9IP fm NA-021; 80-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 8P9IP QRV for IPARC Contest; QSL: Mitsumasa Uto, 681 Tatsukawa, Akaiwa, Okayama 709-0815, Japan2016 Nov042016 Nov12St LuciaJ6LotWOPDX
20160502By AA4OC as J68OC, N7BF as J68BF, WT4BT as J68MT, W6ABM as J6/W6ABM, AK5SD as J6/AK5SD, NX8G as J6/NX8G; 80-10m; CW SSB + digital; QSL also OK via home_calls2016 Nov042016 Nov14CambodiaXU7MDCLotWMDXC
20160420By IZ8CCW I2VGW + 20 op team fm Sihanoukville; focus on low bands; focus on digital; 5 stations; 24×24 hours; QSL also OK via IK2VUC (Buro or direct)2016 Nov052016 Nov12St LuciaJ6 DXW.Net
20160812By N7BF as J6/N7BF, WT4BT AA4OC W6ABM AK5SD NX8G likewise fm Chateau Devaux, Cap Estate (island north tip); 80-10m; all modes2016 Nov062016 Nov16MicronesiaV63AJDF8ANDXNews
20160715By DF8AN fm Yap I (OC-012); HF; CW, some RTTY PSK2016 Nov062016 Nov16Senegal6V1ISClub LogIK7JWX
20160617By IK7JWX IS0AGY IS0BWM IS0FQK IZ7ATN IS0FFR IW7EGQ fm Isole Ngor e Goree (AF-045); 160-6m; SSB CW PSK31-63-125 RTTY, perhaps SSTV; QSL also OK via IK7JWX direct and eQSL2016 Nov072016 Dec02Tanzania5H3MB
20160927By IK2GZU; 80-10m; SSB CW RTTY; dipoles + ground plane; QSL also OK via IK2GZU (Buro or direct), Club Log, and eQSL2016 Nov102016 Nov22Central African RepTL8AOLotWDXW.Net
20160728By LA7GIA fm Bangui; 80-10m; mainly CW; QSL also OK via LA7GIA2016 Nov112016 Nov18Saba St EustatiusPJ6MK2HVNDXNews
20160911By K2HVN fm Saba I (NA-145); 40-10m; CW SSB; may use PJ6/K2HVN2016 Nov152016 Nov17PalauT88QRJJ1DQRDXW.Net
20160915By JJ1DQR fm Koror I; 80-6m; SSB2016 Nov152016 Nov30Guinea BissauJ5LotWIK7JWY
20160515By I2YSB IK2CIO IK2CKR IK2DIA IK2HKT JA3USA fm AF-020; 160-6m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via I2YSB direct and OQRS (see Web); dates of operation approximate2016 Nov162016 Dec05CambodiaXU7AEZLotWOPDX
20160905By Russian team fm Koh Rong Samloem I (AS-133); HF; various modes; QSL also OK via RC3C2016 Nov172016 Nov20GuamKH2DF8ANTDDX
20160722By DF8AN as KH2/DF8AN; HF; CW, some RTTY PSK2016 Nov182016 Nov25St BarthelemyTO2EEK2HVNDXNews
20160911By K2HVN fm NA-146; 40-10m; CW SSB; may use PJ6/K2HVN2016 Nov192016 Nov26St BarthelemyFJLotWKO8SCA
20160913By KO8SCA as FJ/KO8SCA; 160-10m; CW SSB + digital; 500w; BigIR vertical; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via Club Log2016 Nov202016 Dec03Maldives8Q7SPLotWDXNews
20160711By SP6EQZ SP2FAX SP3CYY SP3FZN SP6FXY SP6JIU SP9FOW fm Dhiffushi I (AS-013); 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via SP6FXY Buro and Club Log2016 Nov202016 Dec25DR Congo9Q0HQ/3Club LogTDDX
20160916By IS0BWM; all bands; SSB; QSL also OK via IS0BWM direct w/ 2USD2016 Nov212016 Nov29CuracaoPJ2LotWDXNews
20160810By VE7ACN as PJ2/VE7ACN fm SA-099; 40-10m, perhaps 80m; mainly CW, some SSB; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via VE7ACN2016 Nov212016 Dec01Ascension IZD8V
20160929By K0AV; 160-10m; mainly CW; QSL also OK via K0AV and Club Log2016 Nov222016 Nov30HondurasHR2LotWAJ9C
20160825By AJ9C as HR2/AJ9C; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via AJ9C direct2016 Nov242016 Dec01Chatham IsZL7LotWOPDX
20160516By JA1XGI as ZL7/JA1XGI fm OC-038; 160-10m; mainly CW, some RTTY JT65 PSK; verticals; QSL also OK via JA1XGI, Buro or direct2016 Nov242016 Dec02Easter ICE0YHome CallDXNews
20160202By RZ3FW as CE0Y/RZ3FW and R4WAA as CE0Y/R4WAA fm SA-001; 160-10m; mainly CW, some SSB + digital; QSL via Club Log preferred2016 Nov252016 Nov30MicronesiaV63DXJA7HMZJA7HMZ
20160904By JA7HMZ fm Pohnpei; QRV for CQWW DX CWCQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW (Nov 26-27, 2016) Check here for pericontest activity too.2016 Nov302016 Dec08GrenadaJ3LotWDXNews
20160810By VE7ACN as J3/VE7ACN fm Carriacou I (NA-147, FK92gm); 40-10m, perhaps 80m; mainly CW, some SSB; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via VE7ACNDecember 2016 Dec012016 Dec11St MartinFSHome CallTDDX
20160725By K9NU as FS/K9NU, N9TK W9ILY K9EL likewise; QRV for CQ 160m Contest w/ 3 simultaneous stations2016 Dec082016 Dec12PalestineE44QXLotWTDDX
20160919By DF8DX fm the West Bank; 80-12m; mainly CW, some SSB; 100w; vertical; limited time operation; QSL also OK via DF8DX (Buro or direct) and Club Log2016 Dec102016 Dec19Turks CaicosVP5LotWDXNews
20160810By VE7ACN as VP5/VE7ACN fm Grand Turk I (NA-003, FK41kk, FK41kl); 40-10m, perhaps 80m; mainly CW, some SSB; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via VE7ACN2017 January 2017 Jan042017 Jan22MicronesiaV63 DXW.Net
20160912By JA3ARJ as V63ARJ, JH3LSS as V63LSS, JA3AVO JH3PBL W7AYA likewise fm Pohnpei; 160-6m; CW SSB + digital2017 Jan082017 Jan25BonairePJ4B
20160930By PA8A; 40-40m; 100w; end-fed; holiday style operation; include US$2 (no IRCs) + SAE w/ QSL request2017 Jan112017 Feb06North Cook IsE51AMFLotWDXW.Net
20160730By K7ADD N5EIL fm Manihiki Atoll (OC-014); 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 1.5kw; verticals and wires near salt water; QSL also OK via K7ADD direct, Club Log, eQSLFebruary 2017 Feb162017 Mar05Pitcairn IVP6EU
20160927By DJ9HX DK2AMM DL6JGN PA3EWP fm OC-044; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 2 stations, at least 1 QRV 24 hours/day; 600w; beam + verticals; QSL also OK via DK2AMM and Club LogARRL International DX Contest, CW (Feb 18-19, 2017) Check here for pericontest activity too.March ARRL International DX Contest, Phone (Mar 4-5, 2017) Check here for pericontest activity too.2017 Mar102017 Mar10South Cook IsE51KTA TDDX
20160818By M1KTA fm Rarotonga I (OC-013); spare time operation; QRV for BERU Contest2017 Mar142017 Apr04TuvaluT2LotWDXW.Net
20160620By SP5EAQ as T2AQ and SP7DQR as T2QR fm OC-015; 80-10m; CW SSB RTTY; dates and call signs tentative; QSL also OK via SP7DQR2017 Mar202017 Mar24Cayman IsZF2CJ
20160927By JJ2RCJ fm ZF1A club station; 80-6m; mainly RTTY; QSL also OK via JJ2RCJCQ WW WPX Contest, SSB (Mar 25-26, 2017) Check here for pericontest activity too.June 2017 Jun142017 Jun28Sint MaartenPJ7Home CallW9AEB
20160816By W9DR as PJ7/W9DR, W9KXQ KK9N K9UK W9AEB likewise; PJ7/W9DR on 6m, w/ beacon 50.115.7; 80-10m (2 stations); CW SSB + digitalSeptember 2017 Sep012017 Sep14Baker Howland IsKH1TBADXW.Net
20160307By YT1AD N6PSE K3LP UA4HOX + team as TBA fm Baker I (OC-089); planned for Sep-Oct timeframe; more info in May 2016October 2017 Oct012017 Oct31Central KiribatiT31WSee WebDXNews
20160816By HA5AO K5GS W2LK DJ9RR HA0NAR K6TD KE4KY N6HC PY2PT W1SRD WA6O fm Kanton I (OC-043); 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 15 days, exact dates TBA2018 January 2018 Jan202018 Feb28Bouvet I3Y0ZN2OODXW.Net
20160608By K0IR K4UEE LA6VM + team; exact dates TBD

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