Palestine: Dec 8-12, 2016 — E4 — QSL via: LotW

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Last updated: Wednesday, 30-Nov-2016 09:02:59 EST
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byInfoNovember 2016 Nov072016 Dec02Tanzania5H3MB

20160927By IK2GZU; 80-10m; SSB CW RTTY; dipoles + ground plane; QSL also OK via IK2GZU (Buro or direct), Club Log, and eQSL2016 Nov092016 Dec06Mauritius3B8
[spots]DJ7RJ DirectAA1M
20161017By DJ7RJ as 3B8/DJ7RJ; 160-10m, focus on 160m; 500w2016 Nov132016 Dec15St Kitts NevisV47JA

20160117By W5JON fm Calypso Bay, St Kitts; 160-6m, incl 60m; SSB; yagi on 6m, verticals, dipole; QSL also OK via W5JON direct2016 Nov152016 Dec09Malta9H3AP

20161111By G8GNI; 40 20m; mainly digital; 100w; inverted vee2016 Nov152016 Dec14Trinidad Tobago9Y4
20161115By K4NHW as 9Y4/K4NHW; 40 20m; SSB, perhaps digital; spare time operation2016 Nov162016 Nov30Kenya5Z4
[spots]Home CallDJ6TF
20161019By DJ6TF as 5Z4/DJ6TF and DL7KL as 5Z4/DL7KL fm Diani Beach; 80-10m; CW SSB; 500w; R7 + wire on 80m2016 Nov162016 Dec05CambodiaXU7AEZ

20160905By Russian team fm Koh Rong Samloem I (AS-133); HF; various modes; QSL also OK via RC3C2016 Nov202016 Dec03Maldives8Q7SP

20160711By SP6EQZ SP2FAX SP3CYY SP3FZN SP6FXY SP6JIU SP9FOW SP3SLA fm Dhiffushi I (AS-013); 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via SP6FXY Buro and Club Log2016 Nov202016 Dec25DR Congo9Q0HQ/3

Club LogTDDX
20160916By IS0BWM; all bands; SSB; QSL also OK via IS0BWM direct w/ 2USD2016 Nov212016 Nov30Turks CaicosVP5
[spots]AA4NC DirectAA4NC
20161026By AA4NC as VP5/AA4NC; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; holiday style operation2016 Nov212016 Dec01Ascension IZD8V

20160929By K0AV; 160-10m; mainly CW; QSL also OK via K0AV and Club Log2016 Nov222016 Nov30HondurasHR2
20160825By AJ9C as HR2/AJ9C; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via AJ9C direct2016 Nov222016 Dec03Norfolk IVK9NF

20161104By NL8F and NX1P; 160-10m; SSB CW RTTY JT65; 500w; Hex Beam, wires, verticals; QSL also OK via N7RO (w/ $2 and SASE) and Club Log2016 Nov242016 Dec01Chatham IsZL7
20160516By JA1XGI as ZL7/JA1XGI fm OC-038; 160-10m; mainly CW, some RTTY JT65 PSK; verticals; QSL also OK via JA1XGI, Buro or direct2016 Nov252016 Nov30MicronesiaV63DX

20160904By JA7HMZ fm Pohnpei; QRV for CQWW DX CWCQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW (Nov 26-27, 2016) Check here for pericontest activity too.2016 Nov262016 Dec03Mauritania5T9VB

20161129By UA4WHX; 80-10m, perhaps 160m; CW SSB RTTY; end date uncertain2016 Nov292016 Dec02Lakshadweep IsVU7MS

20161129By VU2CPL VU3NXI fm Kavaratti I (AS-011); 40 20 17 15m; CW SSB; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via VU2CPL2016 Nov302016 Dec08GrenadaJ3
20160810By VE7ACN as J3/VE7ACN fm Carriacou I (NA-147, FK92gm); 40-10m, perhaps 80m; mainly CW, some SSB; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via VE7ACNDecember 2016 Dec012016 Dec11St MartinFSHome CallTDDX
20160725By K9NU as FS/K9NU, N9TK W9ILY K9EL likewise; QRV for CQ 160m Contest w/ 3 simultaneous stations2016 Dec032016 Dec15BonairePJ4Home CallDXNews
20161107By DL1COP as PJ4/DL1COP and DC7MO as PJ4/DC7MO fm SA-006; HF; CW SSB RTTY; holiday style operation2016 Dec042016 Dec10BonairePJ4LotWDXW.Net
20161120By NA9Q as PJ4/NA9Q; 40-10m; SSB RTTY CW; QRV for ARRL 10m contest; QSL also OK via NA9Q2016 Dec042016 Dec12St LuciaJ6
20161129By W3FF as J6GG and W6PNG W6LDX KI8R K0BBC WJ1B W6HFP KO7M using J6/homecall; 160-6m; 100w; Buddipoles; QSL also OK via home call2016 Dec062016 Dec14Fiji3D3FY
20161129By VK3FY fm Denarau I (OC-016); 80-6m; CW SSB; call sign requested; QSL card not required2016 Dec062016 Dec14Virgin IsKP2
20161129By AA4W as KP2/AA4W, K4ZGB as WP2/K4ZGB, N8WD KE4AL simularly; 160-6m; CW SSB + digital; 100w; Buddipoles; QSL also OK via home_call and eQSL2016 Dec082016 Dec12PalestineE4LotWTDDX
20160919By DF8DX as E44QX and DL2NUD as E44HP fm the West Bank; 80-12m; mainly CW, some SSB; 100w; vertical; limited time operation; QSL also OK via DF8DX (Buro or direct) and Club Log2016 Dec102016 Dec19Turks CaicosVP5LotWDXNews
20160810By VE7ACN as VP5/VE7ACN fm Grand Turk I (NA-003, FK41kk, FK41kl); 40-10m, perhaps 80m; mainly CW, some SSB; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via VE7ACN2016 Dec172017 Jan02St LuciaJ68HZLotWTDDX
20161110By K9HZ; 160-6m; CW RTTY SSB; 3 ele yagi; QSL also OK via K9HZ2016 Dec192016 Dec26Norfolk IVK9NM
20161124By VK1MA; 160-10m; 100w; some operation fm Mt Bates; limited holiday style operation; QSL also OK via eQSL2016 Dec252017 Dec29PalauT88GA
20161124By JA7XBG fm Koror; 160-6m; mainly CW, also SSB + digital; yagis + dipoles; focus on Europe + NA; QSL also OK via JA7XBG direct (w/ 2 US$ + SAE)2016 Dec262017 Dec31PE Marion IsZS8Z
20161124By ZS1BCE; HF; SSB + digital; broadband dipole; operation to continue for 17 months; start date uncertain2016 Dec262017 Jan06PalauT8CW
20161129By JH0IXE; QSL also OK via JA0FOX and eQSL2016 Dec312017 Jan06NicaraguaH74EA3BTDXNews
20161115By EA3BT as H74B and EA3WL as H74WL fm Isla del Gran Maiz (NA-013) 40-6m; mainly SSB, some CW RTTY; 600w; yagi, dipole; first activation in 13 years2017 January 2017 Jan012017 Jan07QatarA70XM0OXODXW.Net
20161123By a team fm Al Safliyah I (AS-088); HF; SSB CW + digital2017 Jan042017 Jan22MicronesiaV63 DXW.Net
20160912By JA3ARJ as V63ARJ, JH3LSS as V63LSS, JA3AVO JH3PBL W7AYA likewise fm Pohnpei; 160-6m; CW SSB + digital2017 Jan082017 Jan25BonairePJ4BPA8A DirectPA3GVI
20160930By PA8A; 40-40m; 100w; end-fed; holiday style operation; include US$2 (no IRCs) + SAE w/ QSL request2017 Jan112017 Jan25Cyprus SBAZC4SBG0GSB DirectTDDX
20161122By G0GSB fm the Akrotiri area; mainly 80 40 20m; SSB CW; 100w; dipoles; include US$3 + SAE w/ QSL request2017 Jan112017 Feb06North Cook IsE51AMFLotWDXW.Net
20160730By K7ADD fm Manihiki Atoll (OC-014); 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 1.5kw; verticals and wires near salt water; QSL also OK via K7ADD direct, Club Log, eQSL2017 Jan122017 Jan19PalauT88WMJQ6FQIDXNews
20161014By JQ6FQI fm OC-009; HF2017 Jan142017 Jan22Cayman IsZF2PG
20161129By K8PGJ; QRV for NAQP; QSL also OK via K8PGJ2017 Jan222017 Feb02Ivory CoastTU5MHLotWDXW.Net
20161119By DF3FS DJ7JC DJ9RR DL8JJ; 80-10m; CW RTTY SSB; 1kw; verticals, arrays; QSL also OK via DJ5BWD (Buro or direct) and Club LogFebruary 2017 Feb012017 Feb14Central African RepTL8TTLotWIK7JWY
20161011By I1HJT I2YSB IK2CIO IK2CKR IK2DIA IK2HKT JA3USA; 160-6m; CW SSB, RTTY on 1 band; 3 stations; 24hr/day; QSL also OK via OQRS (no card required)2017 Feb132017 Feb26MacauXX9
20161130By XX9LT DJ9KH DL2AWG DL2HWA DL2RNS DL3HRH DL4SVA DL5CW DM2AUJ DM2AYO DL7VEE as TBD; 80-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 3 stations 24/7; focus on NA2017 Feb132017 Feb27San Andres Providencia5J0NALW9EOCLW9EOC
20160927By LW9EOC; 160-6m, focus on low and WARC bands; CW SSB RTTY; QRV for ARRL DX CW2017 Feb132017 Mar03Austral IsFO/aTBATDDX
20161111By VE7KW VA7DX W5RF fm OC-114; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; hexbeams and spiderpoles2017 Feb132017 Mar07San Andres ProvidenciaHK0AA4NCAA4NC
20161014By AA4NC as HK0/AA4NC; QRV for ARRL DX CW and SSB using a 5K0 call sign2017 Feb162017 Mar05Pitcairn IVP6EULotWPA3EWP
20160927By DJ9HX DK2AMM DL6JGN PA3EWP fm OC-044; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 2 stations, at least 1 QRV 24 hours/day; 600w; beam + verticals; QSL also OK via DK2AMM and Club LogARRL International DX Contest, CW (Feb 18-19, 2017) Check here for pericontest activity too.2017 Feb222017 Mar07Barbados8P9AL
20161129By KG9N fm NA-021; HF; wire verticals, dipoles, longwires; QSL also OK via KG9NMarch ARRL International DX Contest, Phone (Mar 4-5, 2017) Check here for pericontest activity too.2017 Mar102017 Mar19South Cook IsE51KTA TDDX
20160818By M1KTA fm Rarotonga I (OC-013); will try low bands; QRV for BERU Contest2017 Mar142017 Apr04TuvaluT2LotWDXW.Net
20160620By SP5EAQ as T2AQ and SP7DQR as T2QR fm OC-015; 80-10m; CW SSB RTTY; dates and call signs tentative; QSL also OK via SP7DQR2017 Mar202017 Mar24Cayman IsZF2CJLotWTDDX
20160927By JJ2RCJ fm ZF1A club station; 80-6m; mainly RTTY; QSL also OK via JJ2RCJCQ WW WPX Contest, SSB (Mar 25-26, 2017) Check here for pericontest activity too.2017 Mar292017 Apr17GuamAH2PLotWDXW.Net
20161003By EA4AK; QRV on most needed bands and modes; auto-QSL via Buro, QSL also OK via Club Log, eQSL2017 Apr282017 May13South Cook IsE51
20161129By W6HB as E51AND, KG7MXL as E51JD, KI7DLK as E51BQ fm Rarotonga I (OC-013); 160-10m; SSB2017 Apr292017 May06Cayman IsZF2AB
20161129By KZ3AB fm NA-016; HFJune 2017 Jun142017 Jun28Sint MaartenPJ7Home CallW9AEB
20160816By W9DR as PJ7/W9DR, W9KXQ KK9N K9UK W9AEB likewise; PJ7/W9DR on 6m, w/ beacon 50.115.7; 80-10m (2 stations); CW SSB + digital2017 Jun162017 Jun23PalauT8
20161129By JA6UBY as T88RR, JO3LVG as T88MK, JH6DUL as T88VV, JL1HYH as T88HY, JM1LIG as T88FM, JI6NCY as T88NC; 160-6m; CW SSB RTTYSeptember 2017 Sep012017 Sep14Baker Howland IsKH1TBADXW.Net
20160307By YT1AD N6PSE K3LP UA4HOX + team as TBA fm Baker I (OC-089); planned for Sep-Oct timeframe; more info in May 20162018 January 2018 Jan202018 Feb28Bouvet I3Y0ZN2OODXW.Net
20160608By K0IR K4UEE LA6VM + team; exact dates TBD

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