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byInfo2017 January 2017 Jan062017 Feb28South Shetland IsLU1ZI

20170106By LU4CJM fm Carlini Antarctic Scientific station; also using LU4CJM/z; 80 40 20m; CW; 100w; G5RV; spare time operation2017 Jan192017 Mar09GuadeloupeTO7D

20161215By F6ITD fm Baie Mahaut, Desirade Island (IOTA NA-102); 160-6m; SSB CW + digital; 500w; dipoles; also FG/F6ITD; QSL also OK via F6ITD2017 Jan312017 Feb28St LuciaJ68DH

20170206By VA3EGG fm IOTA NA-108; 40-10m; SSB; 100w; wiresFebruary 2017 Feb062017 Feb28French GuianaFY
20170209By F6CKD as FY/F6CKD; HF2017 Feb092017 Mar31Senegal6W2SC

20161201By HA3AUI; 20-10m, other bands on request; CW; 500/100w; Spiderbeam; QSL also OK via HA3AUI direct; end date approximate2017 Feb092017 Mar11Rwanda9X2AW

20161214By DF2WO fm Kigali; mainly PSK31 JT65 RTTY + QRS CW; QSL also OK via M0OXO (preferred); begin date uncertain2017 Feb112017 Mar10SurinamPZ
20170214By PA3BVK as PZ5JW and PA3EHS as PZ5HS; 40-10m; CW SSB PSK2017 Feb132017 Mar07San Andres Providencia5K0N

20161014By AA4NC; QRV for ARRL DX CW and SSB using a 5K0 call sign2017 Feb162017 Mar05Pitcairn IVP6EU

20160927By DJ9HX DK2AMM DL6JGN PA3EWP fm IOTA OC-044; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 2 stations, at least 1 QRV 24 hours/day; 600w; beam + verticals; QSL also OK via DK2AMM and Club Log2017 Feb172017 Mar13Burkina FasoXT2SE

20170213By IV3FSG fm Ouagadougou; 80-10m; SSB RTTY PSK31; spare time operation; QSL also OK via Club Log2017 Feb182017 Mar26AntiguaV21ZG

20170209By DL7AFS DJ7ZG; 80-6m, including 60m; SSB + digital; QSL also OK via DJ7ZG direct or Club Log2017 Feb202017 Mar02Austral IsTX5T

20161111By VE7KW VA7DX W5RF fm Raivavae I (IOTA OC-114); 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; hexbeams and spiderpoles2017 Feb212017 Mar07Uganda5X1O

20170204By KK7PW; 40 20 15 10m; CW SSB WSPR, perhaps JY65; spare time operation; check early mornings and late afternoons local2017 Feb212017 Feb28Cayman IsZF2
20170206By KA9P as ZF2SC and W9XS as ZF2FB; 40-15m + satellite2017 Feb222017 Mar03Br Virgin IsVP2V

20170224By K6TOP as VP2V/K6TOP fm Tortola (IOTA NA-023); 40 30 20 17 10m; CW; 100w; verticals, dipole; typically 1000-1200z and 0200-0400z; QSL also OK via NR6M direct2017 Feb222017 Mar07Barbados8P9AL

20161129By KG9N fm IOTA NA-021; HF; wire verticals, dipoles, longwires; QSL also OK via KG9N (for this operation only – reissued call sign)2017 Feb242017 Mar26GuadeloupeFG
20170211By F1DUZ as FG/F1DUZ fm IOTA NA-102; HF; SSB; QSL OK via REF Buro or direct2017 Feb252017 Mar31Guinea BissauJ5UAP

20161201By HA3AUI; 20-10m, other bands on request; CW; 100w; Spiderbeam; QSL also OK via HA3AUI direct; end date approximate2017 Feb282017 Mar26AntiguaV21ZG

20170217By DL7AFS DJ7ZG fm IOTA NA-100; 80-6m, incl perhaps 60m (5357 kHz, PSK and SSB); SSB + digital; QSL also OK via DL7AFS (DARC Buro or direct) and Club LogMarch 2017 Mar012017 Mar22SvalbardJW6VDA
20170222By LA6VDA fm IOTA EU-026 (JQ78tf); 160-10m; SSB; QSL also OK via LA6VDA, Club Log, eQSL2017 Mar022017 Mar09Maldives8Q7LHDK8ZZDXW.Net
20170220By DK7TF DF1FF DH6ICE DK2CL DK8ZZ fm Himandhoo I; 80-10m, perhaps incl 60m; CW SSB + digital2017 Mar032017 Mar05West Malaysia9M4IOTA9M2OOODXW.Net
20170214By Kuala Lumpur DX Team fm Tioman I (IOTA AS-046, Rompin District, Pahang); 80-10m; CW SSB + digitalARRL International DX Contest, Phone (Mar 4-5, 2017) Check here for pericontest activity too.2017 Mar042017 Mar11BahamasC6APYLotWDXNews
20170214By M0VFC M0IDA M1ACB fm IOTA NA-054 (FL15do); mainly 40-15m; CW SSB; QSL also OK via M0OXO2017 Mar072017 Mar10OgasawaraJD1BLYJI5RPTJI5RPT
20170202By JI5RPT fm Chichijima I (IOTA AS-031); 160-10m; CW SSB + digital2017 Mar072017 Mar13Barbados8P9IFG3PJTG3PJT
20170208By G3PJT; mainly CW; holiday style operation; QRV for BERU Contest; QSL also OK via Club Log2017 Mar072017 Mar21Ghana9G5XLotWDXW.Net
20161223By G3XAQ G3VMW G4BWP 5B4AGN M0PCB G6MC fm 1,000 feet ASL; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 3 high power stns; QSL also OK via M0OXO2017 Mar082017 Mar20Nepal9N7EILotWDXW.Net
20170121By EI2II EI2JD EI4GZB EI5GM EI5IQ EI5IX EI6FR EI9FBB EI9HQ EI9HX EI9KF; 80-10m; SSB CW + digital; 5 stations; QSL also OK via Web OQRS and M0OXO2017 Mar092017 Mar13Cayman IsZF2CALotWTDDX
20170213By G4CWH fm Grand Cayman I; 160-10m; CW SSB; QSL also OK via G4CWH; QRV for RSGB BERU Contest2017 Mar092017 Mar14BelizeV31GXLotWTDDX
20170131By G4SGX fm near San Pedro; 80-10m; CW; 100w; vertical + inverted L; QSL also OK via G4SGX; QRV for BERU Contest2017 Mar092017 Mar19Ivory CoastTU7CLotWDXW.Net
20170111By 12 op team fm Grand Bassam; 160-6m; CW SSB RTTY PSK; 5 stations; QSL also OK via F1ULQ (Buro or direct) and Web page OQRS2017 Mar092017 Mar21Niger5U5RLotWTDDX
20161208By EA5RM EA1SA EA1RY EA5KM EA7AJR EA7KW F9IE HK6F IK5RUN IN3ZNR K3LP fm Niamey; 160 10m, also 5.360 MHz; SSB CW RTTY; QSL also OK via EA5RM2017 Mar102017 Mar19South Cook IsE51KTAM1KTATDDX
20160818By M1KTA fm Rarotonga I (IOTA OC-013); will try low bands; QRV for BERU Contest2017 Mar142017 Apr04TuvaluT2LotWDXW.Net
20160620By SP5EAQ as T2AQ and SP7DQR as T2QR fm IOTA OC-015; 80-10m; CW SSB RTTY; dates and call signs tentative; QSL also OK via SP7DQR2017 Mar142017 Apr12Tanzania5H3MBLotWTDDX
20170103By IK2GZU fm Ilembula; 80-10m; SSB CW RTTY; spare time operation; QSL also OK via IK2GZU (Buro or direct), Club Log, eQSL2017 Mar152017 Mar22Ceuta MelillaEA9LotWDXW.Net
20170122By DJ6TF DL7DF DL7UFN DL7UFR as EA9/DL7DF; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via DARC Buro or direct2017 Mar152017 Mar21BangladeshS21GMYL2GNTDDX
20170213By YL3CW YL2KA UT7UJ US7UX UT7U; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL OK via Buro or direct, also Club Log2017 Mar152017 Mar31Nepal9N7XW
20170228By SP6AXW; HF; QSL also OK via SP6AXW2017 Mar162017 Apr05St Kitts NevisV47JALotWW5JON
20170201By W5JON fm Calypso Bay, St Kitts; 160-6m, incl 60m; SSB; yagi on 6m, verticals, dipole; QRV for CQWW WPX SSB; QSL also OK via W5JON direct2017 Mar182017 Mar21Ceuta MelillaEG9TORLotWTDDX
20170214By EA4PN EA3NN EA3HSJ EA4GMX EA5UF EA4JJ EA3CV EA8ZT EA2CW fm Ceuta; CW; will use ED9T during King of Spain contest (Mar 20-21); QSL also OK via Club Log, eQSL, and EA4PN direct2017 Mar182017 Mar21Turks CaicosVP5LotWTDDX
20170221By W9AV as VP5/W9AV and W6RI as VP5/W6RI fm Providenciales I (IOTA NA-002); 160-10m; CW SSB; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via home_call w/ SASE2017 Mar182017 Apr01St Kitts NevisV47JRW2APFW2APF
20170124By W2APF fm Nevis I (IOTA NA-104); 80-10m; CW SSB; 100w; wires2017 Mar192017 Apr01St Kitts NevisV47JR
20170227By W2APF fm Nevis I; 80-6m; CW SSB; 100w; wires; holiday style operation2017 Mar192017 Apr03MicronesiaV633KSLotWTDDX
20170103By JA6REX fm Chuuk I (IOTA OC-011); 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; 1Kw; CrankIR, vertical, dipole; QSL also OK via JA6REX Buro or Club Log2017 Mar202017 Mar21Ceuta MelillaEA9LotWTDDX
20170215By JA0JHQ as EA9/JA0JHQ; mainly 17 15m, perhaps 20m; CW RTTY; 100w; micro vertical; QSL also OK via JA0JHQ (Buro or direct) and Club Log2017 Mar202017 Mar24Cayman IsZF2CJLotWTDDX
20160927By JJ2RCJ fm ZF1A club station; 80-6m; mainly RTTY; QSL also OK via JJ2RCJ2017 Mar202017 Mar27Cayman IsZF2TCLotWDXW.Net
20170208By KE5TC and K5QBX; 40-10m; SSB + slow CW; 100w; vertical + longwire; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via KE5TC direct2017 Mar212017 Mar26Cayman IsZF2FL
20170223By K5QBX fm Grand Cayman I (IOTA NA-016); HF2017 Mar212017 Mar27BangladeshS21KWYL2GNTDDX
20170213By YL3CW YL2KA UT7UJ US7UX UT7U; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY; QSL OK via Buro or direct, also Club Log2017 Mar222017 Mar28TongaA35JP/pLotWJA0RQV
20170216By JA0RQV fm Niaufo’ou I (IOTA OC-123); 40-6m; CW SSB; 100w; vertical, VDA; QSL also OK via JA0RQV (Buro or direct w/ SASE) and Club Log2017 Mar222017 Mar29AlbaniaZALotWPA2LS
20170215By PE1KL, PD5LKM, PA2LS as ZA/PA2LS fm Pishat e Buta; 160-2m; SSB CW PSK RTTY; QSL OK via PA2LS (Buro or direct) or Club Log; QRV for CQ WPX SSBCQ WW WPX Contest, SSB (Mar 25-26, 2017) Check here for pericontest activity too.2017 Mar292017 Apr10GuamKH2BYLotWDXW.Net
20170208By EA5BY; 80-6m, incl 60m; QSL also OK via EA5BY and Club Log2017 Mar292017 Apr17GuamAH2PLotWDXW.Net
20161003By EA4AK; QRV on most needed bands and modes; auto-QSL via Buro, QSL also OK via Club Log, eQSLApril 2017 Apr012017 Apr30Nepal9N1MDIZ1BVZDXW.Net
20161229By 9N1AA2017 Apr022017 Apr06Easter ICE0Y
20170228By W1MJ as CE0Y/W1MJ; 40-15m; CW2017 Apr062017 Apr12Papua New GuineaP29VXG
20170224By JA1XGI fm Rapopo, New Britain I (IOTA OC-008, QI65dp); 6.5 meter vertical w/ 19 radials; focus on EU2017 Apr112017 Apr18Turks CaicosVP5K3NKTDDX
20170221By K3NK as VP5/K3NK fm Providenciales I (IOTA NA-002); 80-10m; CW SSB, perhaps digital; K3NK will upload log to LotW2017 Apr142017 Apr21PalauT8Home CallDXW.Net
20170128By JH7IPR as T88UW, JI6IHG as T88IH, JA7WFT as T88FT, JM1LRA as T88TA; 160-6m; CW SSB JT65 JT9; T88UW QSL also OK via LotW2017 Apr152017 Apr22Isle of ManGT4BRSDJ6OIGW0ANA
20170221By GW0ANA MW0DHF DJ8NK DL9GFB DL9RCF; special effort on 160m and 60m for WCNA; CW SSB JT652017 Apr212017 May15GuatemalaTG9BBV
20170228By VE7BV; call sign requested, if not approved will use TG9/VE7BV; 20-12m, possibly 6m; wires; QSL also OK via VE7BV (Buro or direct) and eQSL2017 Apr252017 May06BotswanaA25UKM0OXODXW.Net
20170209By 11 op team; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY2017 Apr282017 May13South Cook IsE51 TDDX
20161129By W6HB as E51AND, KG7MXL as E51JD, KI7DLK as E51BQ fm Rarotonga I (IOTA OC-013); 160-10m; SSB2017 Apr292017 May06Cayman IsZF2ABWA3EOPDXNews
20161129By KZ3AB fm IOTA NA-016; HFMay 2017 May012017 May15St MartinFSK9ELTDDX
20170103By K9EL as FS/K9EL; 160-6m; 500w; verticals, dipoles, yagi on 6m2017 May052017 May11JerseyMJLotWTDDX
20170217By PA1AW as MJ/PA1AW, PA3EWP PA9JO PB5X likewise; 160-10m; QSL also OK via PA1AW and Club Log2017 May092017 May16PhilippinesDU9SP5APWDXW.Net
20170205By SP5APW as DU9/SP5APW fm Siargao I (IOTA OC-235); 40, 20-10m; wire vertical + Hexbeam; 1kw2017 May192017 May23Sint MaartenPJ7TBAPH2M
20170216By PH2M as PJ7/PH2M; 40-10m; SSB WSPR; 100w (200mw WSPR); end fed wires; dates tentative2017 May222017 Jun07GuadeloupeFG
20170222By DL2AAZ as FG/DL2AAZ fm Saint Rose (FK96di); 30-10m; SSB CW; 300w; ground planes; QSL OK via DARC Buro or direct (w/ US$2 + SAE)2017 May242017 May30Saba St EustatiusPJ6TBAPH2M
20170216By PH2M as PJ6/PH2M fm Saba I; 40-10m; SSB WSPR; 100w (200mw WSPR); end fed wires; dates tentative2017 May312017 Jun04Saba St EustatiusPJ5TBAPH2M
20170216By PH2M as PJ5/PH2M fm St Eustatius I; 40-10m; SSB WSPR; 100w (200mw WSPR); end fed wires; dates tentativeJune 2017 Jun012017 Jun06LiechtensteinHB0M0OXODXW.Net
20170128By GM4UYE GM0OBX MM0OKG 2M0JHN as HB0/GM4UYE; 80-6m; charity DXpedition2017 Jun092017 Jun18PalauT8CWLotWDXW.Net
20170115By JH0IXE fm Koror I (IOTA OC-009); 80-6m; CW SSB + digital; QSL also OK via JA0FOX2017 Jun142017 Jun28Sint MaartenPJ7Home CallW9AEB
20160816By W9DR as PJ7/W9DR, W9KXQ KK9N K9UK W9AEB likewise; PJ7/W9DR on 6m, w/ beacon 50.115.7; 80-10m (2 stations); CW SSB + digital2017 Jun162017 Jun23PalauT8 TDDX
20161129By JA6UBY as T88RR, JO3LVG as T88MK, JH6DUL as T88VV, JL1HYH as T88HY, JM1LIG as T88FM, JI6NCY as T88NC; 160-6m; CW SSB RTTYJuly 2017 Jul012017 Jul09St Kitts NevisV4 TDDX
20170221By KE1B as V4/KE1B and W6NN as V4/W6NN; 40-10m; 100w; Buddipole; QRV M/2 for IARU Contest using V4/KE1B2017 Jul042017 Jul18St Pierre MiquelonFPLotWTDDX
20170105By KV1J as FP/KV1J; 160-6m; SSB RTTY, some CW + digital; QSL also OK via KV1J (Buro or direct) and Club Log2017 Jul062017 Jul13VanuatuYJ0GALotWZL3GA
20170119By ZL3GA fm Benjor Beach Club, Efate I (IOTA OC-035, RH42ch); will look for west Europe at sunrise and sunset on 30 20m; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via ZL3GA (Buro and direct) + Club Log2017 Jul202017 Jul24Russia (Asia)RI0CClub LogRA1ZZ
20170108By RA7L RA1ZZ RW5D RK8A fm Iony I (IOTA AS-069); 40-10m; CW SSB + digital; most needed Russian island, 2nd most needed Asian islandRSGB IOTA Contest (Jul 29-30, 2017) Check here for pericontest activity too.August 2017 Aug012017 Aug31GalapagosHC8LotWTDDX
20161223By G8OFQ as TBA Isabela I (IOTA SA-004, EI49mb); 160-6m; SSB; QSL also OK via G8OFQ direct or Club Log; operation to continue until Oct 31September 2017 Sep012017 Sep14Baker Howland IsKH1TBADXW.Net
20160307By YT1AD N6PSE K3LP UA4HOX + team as TBA fm Baker I (IOTA OC-089); planned for Sep-Oct timeframe; more info in May 20162017 Sep142017 Sep21GalapagosHD8MWB2REMTDDX
20170109By WB2REM VK2BXE KG0YL N1MWJ G8OFQ fm Isabela I (IOTA SA-004); 160-6mOctober 2017 Oct022017 Oct10Christmas IVK9XIM0OXODXW.Net
20170201By VK3FY VK3GK VK3TZ; 160-10m, fcous on low bands; SSB CW RTTY; 2 stations; QRV for Oceania SSB Contest2017 Oct032017 Oct17TemotuH40GCLotWLZ1GC
20170120By LZ1GC; HF; CW SSB RTTY; QSL also OK via LZ1GC or Club Log2017 Oct102017 Oct17Cocos Keeling IVK9CIM0OXODXW.Net
20170201By VK3FY VK3GK VK3TZ; 160-10m, focus on low bands; SSB CW RTTY; 2 stations; QRV for Oceania CW ContestNovember CQ WW DX Contest, CW (Nov 25-26, 2017) Check here for pericontest activity too.December 2017 Dec012017 Dec10Spratly Is9M0WTBADXW.Net
20170125By YT1AD HL5FUA AD6E K9JM YT3W ZL3WW K6MKF K6SZR N6TQS VK3FY VK3GK DU1UD; HF + 6m; CW SSB + digita; exact dates TBA2018 January 2018 Jan202018 Feb28Bouvet I3Y0ZN2OODXW.Net
20160608By K0IR K4UEE LA6VM + team; exact dates TBD

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