Signals from space – Students learn amateur radio for June launch

The Annapolis County Spectator reports students involved in a High Altitude Balloon project are getting their Amateur Radio licenses

Al Penney VO1NO can bounce radio signals off the moon, but right now he’s working with high school students who want to send live video back to Earth from the edge of space.

Annapolis West Education Centre student Abigail Bonnington holds a video camera hardly bigger than a sugar cube. It’s attached to a small transmitter that will send signals to a laptop.

Penney is with the Annapolis Valley Amateur Radio Club and has been working with the students since the fall.

“I was approached by them to see if amateur radio had any part to play in their balloon project, and of course it does,” said Penney. “We can provide location information, pictures, telemetry – things like that – live TV picture. And the ground search team can use radio to keep in touch and coordinate searching for the balloon.”

It was Bonnington who got in touch with the ham radio club and asked for help.

“We gave them a presentation on amateur radio, what it’s all about,” said Penney. “A bunch of them decided that they’d like to try that. We’re not finished the course yet. It’s still ongoing, but I’m really impressed at how quickly they pick things up and how it sticks with them.”

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