Tune the dial: Club offers training in Ham radio

Darryl Ault and Todd Dockey of Sitka Ham Amateur Radio Klub (SHARK) talk about the history of the amateur radio service and their club activities, which includes sharing boots-on-the-ground information during emergencies. Ault used the Ham radio system during the Labor Day landslide to communicate with Sitka Search and Rescue.

Downloadable audio.

“All you need to do is have the love to get out there and communicate and help your community. You don’t need morse code anymore to become a HAM radio operator. It’s really simple now,” says Darryl Ault.

SHARK currently has 25 members, with 16 officially licensed. They meet 2 p.m. the first Sunday of every month at the firehall. All are welcome. The club provides training, testing and an emergency communications group in times of need. More information is available at sitkashark@yahoo.com and on SHARK’s Facebook page.

SHARK is also hosting a Fish Fry fundraising dinner at the Elks Lodge on Sunday, September 10th, 5-7pm. Dinners are $15 a plate, followed by raffles. The money goes towards Ham radio equipment. For more information call 738-4539.