FCC Dismisses Radio Amateur’s Petition to Revise Call Sign Rules


The FCC has dismissed a order creation petition filed final May by Thomas J. Alessi, K1TA, of Stamford, Connecticut, that sought to rectify a Part 97 manners per Amateur Radio Service call signs. The Commission movement came in a Nov 28 minute from Scot Stone, Deputy Chief of a FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Mobility Division. Alessi had asked a FCC to make call signs consisting of one letter, followed by dual digits, followed by one minute (1 ×× 1 format) accessible to Amateur Extra Class licensees. Alessi asserted that a series of Amateur Extra Class licensees who enterprise brief call signs exceeds a accessible supply of 1 × 2 and 2 × 1 call signs, and that his devise would make accessible an additional 7,800 four-character call signs.

“Approximately fifteen million call signs are currently accessible in a consecutive call pointer system, though it does not embody each amateur call pointer that has been allocated to a United States,” Stone wrote in denying Alessi’s petition. He also forked out that a FCC had deserted a identical idea in 2010 that would have done certain additional call signs, including 1 ×× 1 call signs, accessible to Amateur Extra Class licensees, though resolved during a time that adequate call signs already were accessible for each Amateur Radio licensee to obtain an excusable call sign. In addition, a FCC pronounced in 2010 that it had no skeleton to revisit a issue.

“You have not demonstrated any altered resources or other reason that would aver revisiting this decision,” Stone’s minute concluded.


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