Ham radio operators to reason special eventuality during Abingdon Park

Ham radio operators from a Middle Peninsula Amateur Radio Club will denote their communication rigging from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 2, during Abingdon Park in Hayes.

The eventuality commemorates a 410th anniversary of a constraint of Captain John Smith in Dec 1607 by a younger hermit of Chief Powhatan. According to Smith’s account, Pocahontas, who was 12 during a time, prevented her father, Chief Powhatan, from executing Smith by fixation her conduct on Smith’s when her father lifted his fight bar to govern him. 

The open is invited to accommodate and speak to a ham operators as they set adult antennae and radios, and afterwards get on a air. Using puncture energy supplies, they will promulgate with hams via a U.S. and abroad who wish to know some-more about Gloucester’s early history. A postcard commemorating this event, called a QSL card, is sent to any contact.

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