Ofcom Releases UK Amateur Radio License Stats


Statistics expelled by UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom prove that a Amateur Radio race in a UK has grown by approximately 10% over a past 5 years. As of a finish of Aug 2017, there were 52,195 Full licensees, 9,739 Intermediate licensees, and 22,649 Foundation licensees.

Figures recently expelled in response to a Freedom of Information ask from Peter Bowyer, G4MJS, lonesome a duration from Jun 2010 and Aug 2017.

The statistics also uncover 803 Reciprocal licensees in Jun 2016. Overseas visitors do not need a Reciprocal license, if they are visiting a UK for adult to 3 months from CEPT T/R 61-01 signatory countries such as a US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or CEPT signatories in Europe. Ofcom formerly released Reciprocal permit holders with call signs that were uncelebrated from Full permit call signs; Ofcom now uses a tenure “Full (Temporary Reciprocal) Licence.”

In response to a Freedom of Information ask for a list of accessible (unassigned) Amateur Radio call signs from Derek Flewin, 2W0FLW, Ofcom responded, “We no longer reason a list of accessible Amateur Radio call signs, as we now use a complement that incidentally allocates call signs on request.”

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