Turn your Raspberry Pi into a live HDTV conductor @Raspberry_pi #piday #raspberrypi

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This educational from Alexandru Csete during OZ9AEC shows we how to spin your Raspberry Pi into a live HDTV transmitter:

In a prior post we wrote about regulating a UT-100C DVB-T modulator on linux and we betrothed to follow adult how to use a modulator with live video sources. In this post we am going to report how to setup a modulator on a Raspiberry Pi versed with a RaspiCam camera module, effectively branch a Pi into a live HDTV transmitter.

The setup can be done tiny adequate to be carried by a middle distance worker and a operation can be increasing regulating energy amplifiers. If we do that be certain to approve with a radio regulations germane in your country. In particular, transmitting with poignant energy in a UHF TV bands will many expected get we into trouble. Your best gamble is to get a ham radio permit and use a 23 cm band.

The setup we am regulating performs a following tasks:

-Capture H.264-encoded video from a camera regulating a raspivid application.

-Convert a H.264 bitstream to consistent bitrate and DVB agreeable MPEG-TS tide regulating ffmpeg 2.2.2.

-Send a MPEG-TS tide to a UT-100C modulator regulating tsrfsend application.

-In my possess setup we also use a 20 dBm energy upholder to boost a range.

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