AO-73 / FUNcube-1 Illumination – Update Jan 15, 2018

Face of a SunThe time when AO-73 enters continual sunlight, for a initial time, is quick approaching. Current estimates uncover that this will embark on Feb 6th and final by until Mar 13th.

Obviously, a unconstrained switching complement that a booster has been regulating to switch between amateur mode, with a transponder on in obscure and educational mode with high energy telemetry usually in sunlight, will no longer work.

Already a durations of obscure are shortening utterly fast and we are therefore formulation for primer mode switching to take be undertaken. This will start from a week commencement Jan 21st and will follow this initial plan.

Wednesday dusk (UTC) or Thursday morning – switch to full time amateur mode – ie transponder on with low energy telemetry.

Sunday dusk (UTC) or Monday morning – switch to full time educational mode with high energy telemetry only.

So if we are formulation propagandize demonstrations or sold DXpeditions greatfully take this new report into account.

The group might have to flex this devise with knowledge as this conditions was not authorised for in a strange goal plan!

AO-73 / FUNcube-1 spin duration and enlightenment Dec 2017

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