Essex Ham during Southend Digital Professionals – Southgate Amateur Radio Club

Southend Digital Professionals is a monthly meetup in Southend-on-Sea designed as a networking eventuality and a possibility for those meddlesome in tech to chat, and barter ideas

The eventuality is laid on by, that runs Raspberry Jams, and other coding/maker events in and around Southend.

Essex Ham was asked to attend a initial event of a year, in Jan during a Old Waterworks, on North Road, Southend. Four members went along: Andy G7TKK, Ed G8FAX, Mike G4NVT and Pete M0PSX. Attendees are given a choice to benefaction a 5-minute speak on a tech subject, and both Ed G8FAX and Pete M0PSX chose to take adult a offer and benefaction 5 mins on a radio-related topic.

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