MRFX1K80H: 1800 W CW over 1.8-400 MHz, 65 V Wideband RF Power LDMOS Transistor

The MRFX1K80H is a initial device formed on NXP’s new 65 V LDMOS record that focuses on palliate of use. This high ruggedness transistor is designed for use in high VSWR industrial, systematic and medical applications, as good as radio and VHF TV broadcast, sub-GHz aerospace and mobile radio applications. Its unmatched submit and outlay pattern allows for far-reaching magnitude operation use from 1.8 to 400 MHz. 

The MRFX1K80H is pin-compatible (same PCB) with a cosmetic version MRFX1K80N, with MRFE6VP61K25Hand MRFE6VP61K25N (1250 W @ 50 V), and with MRF1K50H and MRF1K50N (1500 W @ 50 V). 

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  • Based on new 65 V LDMOS technology, designed for palliate of use
  • Characterized from 30 to 65 V for extended appetite range
  • Unmatched submit and output
  • High relapse voltage for extended trustworthiness and aloft potency architectures
  • High drain-source avalanche appetite fullness capability
  • High ruggedness. Handles 65:1 VSWR.
  • RoHS compliant
  • Lower thermal insurgency choice in over-molded cosmetic package: MRFX1K80N
  • Included in our product longevity program with positive supply for a smallest of 15 years after launch

Typical Applications

  • Industrial, scientific, medical (ISM)
    • Laser generation
    • Plasma generation
    • Particle accelerators
    • MRI, RF ablation and skin treatment
    • Industrial heating, welding and drying systems
  • Radio and VHF TV broadcast
  • Aerospace
    • VHF omnidirectional operation (VOR)
    • HF communications
    • Weather radar

RF Performance Tables

Typical Performance

Load Mismatch/Ruggedness

1. Data from 27 MHz narrowband anxiety circuit.
2. Data from 87.5-108 MHz broadband anxiety circuit.
3. The values shown are a core rope opening numbers opposite a indicated magnitude range.
4. Data from 230 MHz narrowband prolongation exam fixture.


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