History-Related Events Will Operate from Rare Grid in Cape Cod National Seashore


It is small fluke that a Titanic disaster in 1912 — one of a misfortune nautical disasters in story — and a birth of Guglielmo Marconi in 1874 — a developer of a wireless rigging onboard a luckless boat — both occurred in April. Marconi Wireless Company radio operators onboard a Titanic transmitted a trouble vigilance after a enormous vessel struck an iceberg in a North Atlantic on a lass voyage. Co-located Amateur Radio special events in Apr will commemorate both events.

ARRL International Grid Chase 2018 (IGC) enthusiasts take note: The special eventuality operations will take place from FN51, a singular grid block that includes usually a trip of land along a Atlantic side of Cape Cod’s reduce arm; many of FN51 is water. Both events will be hold during a Nauset Coast Guard Station in Eastham, Massachusetts.

The Titanic/Marconi Memorial Radio Association of Cape Cod operation will use W1MGY, in approval of a Titanic’s MGY call sign. Operation will start on Saturday, Apr 12, during 9 AM ET and continue until Apr 15 during 1:27 AM ET (0527 UTC) — a time when a Virginian listened Titanic’s final radio summary 106 years ago. The Titanic disaster claimed some 1,500 lives. The W1MGY operation will be open to a open usually on Apr 14, 10 AM until 3 PM ET. According to W1MGY keeper Barry Hutchinson, KB1TLR, skeleton call for coverage on all bands, mostly within a General-class subbands, on CW and SSB. Two stations are planned.

Marconi’s wireless hire in Wellfleet on Cape Cod played a purpose in a rescue of 740 survivors from a Titanic. Marconi’s wireless user onboard a rescue boat Carpathia contacted a Titanic that fatal night to surprise a wireless user that a Cape Cod hire was transmitting messages to a luckless ship. The Titanic’s Marconi wireless user soon replied, “Come during once. We have struck a berg,” initiating a rescue of survivors.

Today, a Wellfleet hire site is listed as a National Landmark on a National Register of Historic Places (1975) and is now partial of Cape Cod National Seashore.

The Saturday, Apr 21, International Marconi Day (IMD) operation by a Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club will use a call pointer KM1CC, that recognizes a former WCC seaside hire on Cape Cod. Operation will be on CW, SSB, and digital modes.

KM1CC will be among many stations participating in IMD activities on Apr 21. The 24-hour

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