Special Call Signs to be On a Air for 2018 FIFA World Cup, More Invited


Special Canadian call pointer VB18FIFA will be among those active around a universe from Jun 1 to Jul 15 for a World Cup 2018 football Amateur Radio “marathon.” The eventuality will be hold during a 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Russia’s IARU member-society SRR is enlivening Amateur Radio organizations to margin World-Cup-related call signs, preferably with “FIFA” (or “FWC” for finalist countries) as a suffix. An endowment for operative FIFA stations is accessible from SRR online.

Russia will have 32 call signs on a atmosphere for a event, with R18 prefixes suffixes spotlighting participating countries or cities where matches are held. For example, R18ARG honors Argentina, and R18SWE honors Sweden.

Eleven call signs will paint cities where a matches are held, such as RC18KA for Kaliningrad and RC18SO for Sochi. Two domicile call signs will be R18HQ and R18FWC. Organizers contend that as of Apr 15, 76 FIFA member countries have indicated skeleton to attend in a event.

For some-more information, contact Coordinator Aliy Kuysokov, UA6YW. — Thanks to The Daily DX for some information

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