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Ham radio to help during polls in West Bengal

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    Ham radio to help during polls in West Bengal

    The Deccan Herald reports in a unique initiative, the Election Commission and the Ministry of Communications have granted permission to the use of Amateur Radio for election-related communications

    Amateur radio will be used 31 areas across four Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal where there is no mobile network coverage. The ham radio operators will be conveying poll-related information from the related polling booths to the concerned authorities on polling days.

    “I am to inform you that your proposal dated 14.03.2019 regarding Amateur (HAM) Radio Communication support through your organisation West Bengal Radio Club in mobile shadow zone areas on poll days i.e 6.5.2019 for no.14 and 15 PCs (Parliamentary constituencies) and on 19.5.2019 for 16,17 and 18 PCs is hereby accepted(sic),” the District Election Officer of North 24 Paraganas district stated in a letter to Ambarish Nag Biswas VU2JFA, Secretary of the West Bengal Radio Club( Amateur club).

    The related Lok Sabha constituencies where HAM Radio will be used for poll-related communications are Bangaon, Barrackpore, Dum Dum, Barasat and Basirhat. All the constituencies are located in North 24 Paraganas district. Bangaon and Basirhat are located close to the border with Bangladesh.

    Read the full story at…-radio-to-help-during-polls-in-wb-728368.html

    West Bengal Radio Club


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