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Bay Area club offers assistance to amateur radio operators – Red Bluff Daily News

The Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club has established a fund to assist fellow amateur radio operators that have suffered losses of certain kinds of ham radio equipment in last year’s Carr and Camp fires.

“The fund will make available up to $1,000 to owners of damaged or destroyed repeaters in last year’s fires,” said Larry Bradley, KK6QPE, club president. “Repeaters are important by making it possible to expand radio coverage from a local neighborhood to an entire region.”

For more than 100 years hams all over the country have put their hobby to use for the public benefit by providing their communities with emergency and public service communications. For most of the club’s 70-plus year history members have worked toward these purposes.

“We now have an opportunity to offer some assistance to others,” Bradley said. “Last year’s Carr and Camp fires brought devastation to thousands of people, including many hams. In addition to homes and other property, some hams lost their communications systems. The club cannot help with the recovery of homes, vehicles and similar property, but we are able to help with the recovery of certain amateur radio systems to help return ham radio coverage to the affected areas.”

Hams who have suffered repeater losses and want information about available grants should write to the club at, call 925-288-1730 or visit

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