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RASA proposes 60m trial in VK

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    RASA proposes 60m trial in VK

    The Radio Amateur Society of Australia (RASA) has written to the Australian radio regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, proposing a trial allocation in the 60m (5 MHz) band.

    “We suggested that amateur operation be restricted to the existing Australian commercial allocations of 5351, 5355 and 5360 kHz, using USB with a maximum 2.8 kHz bandwidth and the 15W transmit power granted at the World Radio Conference” RASA President, Glenn Dunstan VK4DU said.

    “We also proposed a trial digital allocation in the vacant 5363-5 kHz segment”.

    “We understand that these channels may not line up with international allocations, but our first concern is to ensure that sharing is possible with existing Australian commercial users” Glenn said.

    The channelised arrangement has been used in many other countries to introduce the 5 MHz amateur band – notably, Europe, the USA and New Zealand. These countries all have much shorter distances between amateurs and commercial users than Australia.


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