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Galileo STEM Academy students getting ready for space – 6 On Your Side

EAGLE, Idaho — Students from Eagle’s Galileo STEM Academy are getting ready for an out of this world experience. Students will speak directly, in real time, to an astronaut on-board the International Space Station Saturday.

It’s a part of Galileo’s Quest Demonstration Day. The school is getting some help from a group of amateur Radio operators in collaboration with NASA. The Galileo Ham Radio Club has been working with local operators to build and test antennas.

“One thing I think is important in the STEM program it’s almost like a buzz word and what we have learned from this Galileo STEM Academy — it’s not a buzz word, they live it,” said Gene Pintecost, an amateur ham radio operator.

The event is happening at Touchmark At Meadow Lake Village in Meridian starting at noon. Galileo’s Quest Demonstration Day is meant to instill students with a passion for space.

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