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ILLW reaches 200

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    ILLW reaches 200

    The 200th registration for this year’s International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend has just been received and it is from Latvia which is a rare country for the event and a new lighthouse as well.

    Užava Lighthouse (originally established in 1879) is located on the Latvian coast of the Baltic Sea. The lighthouse stands in an isolated location, on a 28 metre high sand dune, which is permanently threatened by wave action from the Baltic Sea.

    The original tower was heavily damaged by artillery shells during World War I with only the octagonal base section remaining. The present-day lighthouse tower is 19 metres in height, completed in 1925. The inscription of the year 1924 on the nearby weather vane on the light tower’s dome roof marks the beginning of construction works of the lighthouse.

    This highly popular event, now in its 22nd year, takes place on 17th-18th August with over 500 entries expected. It is a fun weekend with many entrants returning year after year with some taking part every year since 1998. All the details and registration form are on the ILLW web site

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