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AMSAT Field Day on the Satellites – Southgate Amateur Radio Club

Most hams know about the ARRL Field Day event each June, and most who have participated in an ARRL Field Day in recent years are aware that a satellite contact will gain 100 bonus points for a participating station. However, all may not be aware that there is a parallel event sponsored by AMSAT that is geared exclusively to satellite operation.

The AMSAT Field Day 2019 event is open to all Amateur Radio operators.
Amateurs are to use the exchange as specified in ARRL rules for Field Day. The AMSAT competition is to encourage the use of all amateur sat- ellites, both analog and digital.

Note that no points will be credited for any contacts beyond the ONE allowed via each single-channel FM satellite. Operators are encouraged not to make any extra contacts via theses satellites (Ex: SO-50).

CW contacts and digital contacts are worth three points. Satellite digipeat QSO’s and APRS short-message contacts are worth three points each, but must be complete verified two-way exchanges. The one contact per FM satellite is not applied to digital transponders.

The use of terrestrial gateway stations or internet gateways (i.e.
EchoLink, IRLP, etc.) to uplink/downlink is not allowed. Complete rules and scoring details may be found at:

Certificates will be awarded for the first-place emergency power/port- able station at the AMSAT General Meeting and Space Symposium in the fall of 2019. Certificates will also be awarded to the second and third place portable/emergency operation in addition to the first- place home station running on emergency power. A station submitting high, award-winning scores will be requested to send in dupe sheets for analog contacts and message listings for digital downloads.

You may have multiple rig difficulties, antenna failures, computer glitches, generator disasters, tropical storms, and there may even be satellite problems, but the goal is to test your ability to operate in an emergency situation. Try different gear. Demonstrate satellite operations to hams that don’t even know the HAMSATS exist. Test your equipment. Avoid making more than ONE contact via the FM-only voice HAMSATS or the ISS, and enjoy the event!

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